The "informational" nature is the most fascinationg aspect of this science to me. I have been very curious as to how all of the informational blocks correspond to the other ones- namely how the functions use their negatives as a means of expression.

so here is a bit of what i have gathered, it seems to makes sense but i am hoping someone has thought of something or knows of some information that i can use to wrap this up for myself.

It seems to me that The unconscious functions are the means in which the conscious functions are expressed. This is why they say we aren’t aware of the 7th and 8th functions as a skill. It is also why our weakest conscious function manifests itself as a hidden agenda(and why it affects some people in "bad informational space" more than others.

It occured to me that this is probably why the Model A appears as though it can be folded over itself. In reality the functions are conjoined and dependent upon one another for expression.

I'll use myself as an example because, at least in terms of my conscious functions, I know myself better than anyone else.

Simply put: When I am average everyday waddlesworth I meander about life, you know, occasionally bumping into things, making wrong turn, making good guesses. I'm extraverting intuition. But While I'm doing this I am thinking to myself. On my various wanderings i am sporadically building associations and integrating them(Ti). This is myself when i am doing what I like doing.

When someone asks me to express what im doing I have to translate it. The functions reverse themselves- the intuition must introvert itself so the thoughts can be expressed. So here we have the 7th and 8th functions. Although I am really good at expressing what I am thinking when someone asks me what I'm thinking I don't do it as well when someone asks me to, upfront, interpret raw data- this conflicts with the integrity of my first two dominant functions.

now, the 3rd and 4th functions involve, for me, Se and Fi. I spend little of the time and space i occupy on this earth developing these functions but they are there. Se is the crutch Ne stands on. To, as i said "meander around" I need to exert force- hence Se. My Ti is held by the crutch of Fi. In order to think i must have at least minimal understanding of ethical relationships.

If I must express the 3rd and 4th functions they must be translated into their relative opposites- in my case Si and Fe.

the childishness of my understanding of these functions is most apparent when im eating or i am in a social environment. I consume large quantities of food with minimal appreciated for the flavor and texture, tend to knaw on pens etc...(Se expressed as Si)
God, and my internal feeling, as weak as it is, is idiotic in how it expresses itself(although i always find a way to rationalize it). Lets put it this way- my expression of extraverted feeling has made me many enemies and has caused many embarrassing situations for me.

our unconscious functions are how we express our own world to the outside world. This isn't to say that they unconscious functions arent working while the conscious functions are, but they are the means at which we express our conscious functions.

So by "unconscious" does it just mean that they aren't being used most of the time(although 7 and 8 are used more than 5 and 6), rather than meaning that they exert a constant tangible influence on the other functions? That is- it isnt that I avoid my Fi because Fi is afraid, but rather Ne and Ti are aware of how foolish Fi is, and therefore suppress it.

i hope i made sense of this. It may seem obvious to some of you but i'd like some perspective on how the functions "match up". Do you agree that the conscious functions use the unconscious functions to express themselves?