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    From her profile page:

    "My self-summary:

    Ok.. since this is mandatory..... There isn't much to say. I work full time and go to school full time. So, I rarely have time for anything else. When I do have some spare time, I go to bars with my friends. I hate bars but I've realized that I'm gonna get old and find that I missed out on the one thing that usually defines a person's 20s. Partying. I don't drink. I don't smoke. And I generally find sober people to be morons. Adding alcohol just makes everyone a moron. I'm a self-proclaimed member of VHEMT. For more information go to May Humans Live Long and Die Out!

    What I'm doing with my life:
    I'm working on getting a degree so I can do what I want with my life.

    I'm really good at:
    Mocking people Conning the gullible Making people cry Remembering useless facts and calling them up on a moments notice Telling stories

    The first thing(s) people usually notice about me:
    They either think I'm a bitch or they like me.. its my humor.. just cus you don't know me doesn't mean I can't rip on you.

    My favorite books, movies, music, and foods are:
    Favorite Books: Anything Jude Deveraux Favorite Movies: Gone with the Wind, Scrooged, Something in the Wind, Peyton Place, Return to Peyton Place, The Count of Monte Cristo, An Affair to Remember, The Lover, The Piano, Spice World *don't knock it till you try it* Music: Just about any kind Foods: Mexican, Chinese, American (anything from another country that we bastardized by adding cheese)

    The SIX things I could never do without:
    Can't live without my best friend, my computer, internet, electricity, oxygen, water. Would've added food but.. could only choose 6.

    I spend a lot of time thinking about:
    How stupid people are.

    On a typical Friday night I am:
    On a typical Friday, I'm at work.. an atypical Friday I'm at the bar.

    The most private thing I'm willing to admit here is:
    I'm a chatwhore.

    Comments By Me:
    Himeka 25f: Hime is a wild cat. Even though we won't ever be compatible sexually/romantically, being her friend is an adventure.

    Flifal 25m: One of the genuine nice guys. That doesn't mean he is required to finish last but rather so nice that he lets all the girls go first. Then all the other guys who need to show off in front of the girls run ahead and that leaves him in the back. Maybe they do finish last afterall.. no.. wait.. he'll be ahead of me because I'm a slow runner and.. I like checking out the guys' butts. *whistles at Flifal*

    arimakun 24m: If you can't msg me.. he's the next best thing. Arima's my copy. We're exactly the same in every way... except: ethnicity, height, weight, hair color, gender, the city we live in, the state, our friends, our jobs, our personalities, our egos. What's left you ask? Well, I once had a cut on my arm in the same place he had a cut on his arm. Totally the same, isn't that eerie?

    I am sarcasmic, scrooge and baaaahumbug."

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    not enough information. i can only say that she could be an E*T*

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