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Thread: ENTP and INTJ w/ Ne subtype

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    Default ENTP and INTJ w/ Ne subtype

    How do I tell if I am an ENTP or an INTJ with an intuitive subtype? I am messy as hell, am very good with Ne, but I know I am an introvert as I am drained by prolonged human contact. I am also a rather introspective person, an I, then? I don't think I am an INTP coz I just ain't strong in Ni and Te.

    As for the PoLR, I identify wtih both. I am vulnerable in the emotion area (weak Fi) and my Se is also helpless.

    So can anyone tell me the difference between ENTP and INTJ with Ne subtype?

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    i was having a similar problem

    just think about what you're mainly trying to do, or what youre more creative with. Does it take more effort to use your Ne than using your Ti?

    what if you were only Neing all day, would that mesh with your idea of who you are? Would your sense of worth be tied to your Ne or your Ti?

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