I'm feeling a bit kerfuddled right now. For the last two or three years I was convinced that I was a very clever and quirky ENTP. I was rather proud of myself actually, hehehe, and it made perfect sense to me. I always saw myself as highly logical, perhaps even cold, but very creative and playful. For a while I thought I was introverted, but I outgrew that. I never doubted that I was a T. Being 'heartless' bugged me a bit (not that ENTPs are all hearltess, it's just that I thought I was), but the intellectual aspect made me smug. :wink:

Well. . . I had a rather. . .stressful. . .childhood, which required me to block off my emotions as much as possible. As I've gotten older, the process seems to have reversed itself. While falling asleep the other night I was pondering this, and to my horror, I realized that all this time I've been making decisions based on what I thought was logic, I might actually have been following (gasp shock horror) my heart!

Horrified, but somehow excited at the prospect of not being coldly manipulative, I approached my very deep and wise ( hehe) ISTP father on the subject. I asked him if he'd say I was a thinker or a feeler. Both he and my stepmother simultaneously intoned: "FEELER." My dad added, "You only think you're logical, and you do reason things out, but then you just do whatever feels 'right' to you anyway." My stepmother (ISFJ) went so far as to claim that "half the things I do make no sense at all." Hmph. Typical ISFJ. :wink:

I'm not convinced. So, here's some description of me...maybe you guys can help:

  • ~bubbly
    ~dry & sarcastic
    ~loves debate (philosophy and soci/anthrop-ology especially)
    ~hates to argue
    ~hates conflict (there's a difference between debate and arguments/conflict!)
    ~good at making friends, but terrible at keeping in touch with them...gets bored, doesn't see the point in maintaining constant contact
    ~late for EVERYTHING
    ~artistic, loves acting, drawing, singing, writing, filming, etc.
    ~loves knowledge, loves to research...a bit of a know-it-all
    ~very sensitive, and very good at concealing it
    ~obsessed with the notion of romance and love in theory, but terribly uncomfortable with letting people too close (trust issues, you think? :wink
    ~very prone to becoming a hermit (lost in la la land) if not actively engaged in anything. . .enjoys for a bit, but then gets kind of. . .insane. In a bad way. Depressed.
    ~defensive of self and others
    ~very skilled at holding back tears (my idiot sister thinks I haven't cried since I was about 14, pfft)
    ~loves people, even the 'jerks'...until the jerks hurt/humiliate/criticize...then just feels bewildered, injured, and spiteful
    ~excellent math skills
    ~tendency to shut down (but not necessarily back down) in hostile environments
    ~wears bright and eccentric clothing (reaction glutton)
    ~tendency to hold back thoughts and snappy remarks to keep peace and avoid guilt...to a point. (Piss me off too badly, and watch out.)
    ~doesn't drink or do drugs (which nobody believes, due to 'natural drunkenness'...)
    ~despises institutions
    ~needs space and alone time

Okay. . .thoughts? Opinions? Rolling eyes?