About 2 years ago I tested as an INTJ. I read through the description with some interest and many points included described ME in some detail. I retested several times after that and each time I came up as an INTJ.
I tried to confirm the results by using VI however, my skills are rather rusty and I would not rely too much on that confirmation

Here is a brief description about me:
I think I should use my University years as a starting point. Although I am not dismissing anything that happened before that, I don't think it will be too useful at this point.
-I started my post-secondary education in a computer science program and part of the curriculum was to take various statistics and math courses. After taking my first stats. course I decided that is exactly what I want to do and I switched from comp. science to statistics/math major.
I finished my B.Sc. degree without much effort and soon after that I started to work for a financial institution.
-Unfortunately, my work did not challenge me enough nor offered me much room for growth or independence.
-Last year I returned to the university and once again I am in the Faculty of Science but this time focusing on biological sciences.
I want to use my statistics skills in bio. or med. research.

As I am describing myself, I noticed that the entire briefing is about school, work, learning, etc...Mostly because I feel the most secure in those areas. Although, they can be uncertain - it seems that they are controllable.

My personal life (and I feel like I am sitting on a chair full of needles as I am writing this) leaves much to be desired.
I have few acquaintances and it seems that I keep all of them at arm's length.

Here are some pictures: