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    About 2 years ago I tested as an INTJ. I read through the description with some interest and many points included described ME in some detail. I retested several times after that and each time I came up as an INTJ.
    I tried to confirm the results by using VI however, my skills are rather rusty and I would not rely too much on that confirmation

    Here is a brief description about me:
    I think I should use my University years as a starting point. Although I am not dismissing anything that happened before that, I don't think it will be too useful at this point.
    -I started my post-secondary education in a computer science program and part of the curriculum was to take various statistics and math courses. After taking my first stats. course I decided that is exactly what I want to do and I switched from comp. science to statistics/math major.
    I finished my B.Sc. degree without much effort and soon after that I started to work for a financial institution.
    -Unfortunately, my work did not challenge me enough nor offered me much room for growth or independence.
    -Last year I returned to the university and once again I am in the Faculty of Science but this time focusing on biological sciences.
    I want to use my statistics skills in bio. or med. research.

    As I am describing myself, I noticed that the entire briefing is about school, work, learning, etc...Mostly because I feel the most secure in those areas. Although, they can be uncertain - it seems that they are controllable.

    My personal life (and I feel like I am sitting on a chair full of needles as I am writing this) leaves much to be desired.
    I have few acquaintances and it seems that I keep all of them at arm's length.

    Here are some pictures:

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    yeah, tough to go on.

    These usually are main "key-ins" from my own personal experiences. They are mostly "bad", but that's because the bad things tend to stick out like a sore thumb, probably a mirror thing. sorta like me, but not enough where I'll give total pity.

    Listen to alot of music or collect movies? Have a favorite band you are obsessed with(i mean OBSESSED)? remember all the lines to a certain movie and pride yourself on it?

    Do you have weird bathroom habits which stick from childhood, such as needing to shower a certain way? I knew one that needed to shave her legs with the water off and couldn't stand the idea of doing it any other way.

    how bout your body? do you feel like it's flawed, or messed up in some way?

    Do you always resort to bringing up stupid things about your childhood or family when in social environments?

    Do you have a fake-sounding laugh but aren't sure it is really fake?

    People accuse you of having no emotion?

    but most of all- do people think you're really weird and avoid you or ignore you?

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    Things like moods, actions, thinking process, and situational stresses would probably help describe your type better. I do not know if it's the same for everyone but the mbti test was a dead on match for me. I would assume what you tested as is what your are. But this is only my opinion and assumption and be forewarned I do not know too terribly much about the subject.

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