I suppose I know why some of you think Iím an ENTj. My real life depictions would,-on paper-make me an ENTj. I write like an Te type because it is often appropriate for the discussions I participate in, Iím also an economics major, so I tend to think ďeconomical.Ē However, none of you have met me, so I cannot foresee anyone objectively determining my type without seeing me in person. Maybe Iíll post a picture of me someday, maybe that will help, and I am pretty slim and tall. There is not really much I can post that could prove anything, but if anyone has any questions (which could help) about my type, please post it in this thread, this way we can keep the discussions on track.

Out of all type descriptions, ESTp fits me best, but of course we all know what type descriptions are anyway. And I am pretty sure that I am an ENTp.