Socionics - forums Rules

Forum Rules and Suggestions

1. Rules

1.1 Language: Please think about who is reading what you write. Keep in mind that what you think of as acceptable use of language may not be acceptable to others. Conversely, while reading member posts, remember that words you find offensive may not be to the writer. Tolerance is a two way street.

1.1a Avatar, username and signature: As avatars, username and signatures are visible in all sections, the moderation staff reserve the right to modify all such content. Please be considerate in selecting an avatar, username or signature. Repeated offenses will result in the loss of some of these rights and demotion to a moderated user.

1.2 Nudity and NSFW content: The 16types is used by people of all ages, including minors in some locals. It's not acceptable to post pornographic imagery, which includes exposure of the male or female genitalia. It is understood that some member are artists and there may be artistic images that may qualify under this policy. Please post these images with spoiler tags in order to prevent any inadvertent offense to some members. Absolutely do not post any NSFW material in the Socionics related sections. Please be advised the overall rating of this forum is R(US)/M(Mature)/PEGI-16, where applicable.

1.2a Socionics section: Please spoiler tag all NSFW content and NSFW tag all threads containing NSFW content. Please do not post any NSFW content in the Socionics section.

1.3 Flaming: Flaming is not allowed.

1.3a Trolling: Trolling is also not allowed.

1.4 Personal attacks, bullying, harassment, threats: Please refrain from doing this, instead of calling someone stupid, tell them why you think they're wrong. Not everyone will be able to figure out everything immediately, it's ok for people to hold on to their personal beliefs, even if you believe them to be wrong.

1.5 New Members: Treat new members carefully and with consideration. Provide new members with guidance, advice and knowledge, always with respect and courtesy.

1.6 All members are expected to read and adhere to the rules.

1.7 Do not spam.

1.7a Using a proxy vpn or spam email address for registration can result in a ban and/or account deletion. Please register with a real connection and a real email.

1.8 Don’t post with the intention of selling something unless you are the writer of a socionics book or wish to discuss a new socionics book.

1.9 Do not post threads asking for members to be banned, this is purely at the discretion of the moderations and administration. Do not do this. No member will be banned without commiting a infraction.

1.10 When a member is banned for more then 1 day, unless it is a spam account or duplicate account, the reason and duration will be posted in a thread. Do not start your own thread, they will be removed. This thread will be locked, if you have any comments or information that you will like to relay to the moderators, please report this post and add your comments there.

1.11 Do not respond to offending content by breaking the forum rules.

1.12 Although the administrators and moderators of will attempt to moderate all objectionable messages on this forum, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and neither the owners of, nor Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. (developers of vBulletin) will be held responsible for the content of any message.

1.13 The owners and staff of reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason.

2. Suggestions

2.1. Help others if you can. You'll feel better, I promise that if you don't, I will feel better.

2.2. Be nice

2.3. Be critical instead of being abusive. Being critical is not being abusive, trolling, name calling or harassing. Please insure that your attempt to be critical does not cross over into the aforementioned territory, review your post before you post it.

2.4 If moderators are unable to deal with offending content, we ask that the offended member take it up with the individual responsible for the content, of course in a considerate and respectful manner.

3. Infractions

3.1 Breaking the rules may result in a infraction. There are 5 levels of infractions.

3.2. Thread lockout: The offending post(s) will be spoiler tagged or deleted and the offender may be removed from the thread. This is the official warning.

3.3 Timeout: Further infractions will result in a timeout, where the offender will be banned for 1 day. This the opportunity to cool down and consider one's words.

3.4. Vacation: Repeated minor infractions and serious infractions such as spamming and posting obscene content will be banned for a period of time greater then a day. This time period will be set at the discretion of the moderation staff based on past behavior and the content of the infraction.

3.5. Demotion: Repeated abusive behavior will result in a demotion and a loss of privileges on the forum.

3.6. Permaban: Spammers, soliciters or repeated serious infractions or extremely obsence content will result in a permaban.

3.7. Mutual Antagonism: There are some situations where mutual antagonism leads to conflict which disrupt the forum. In these situations involved users should use the ignore function and attempt to not escalate situations. Failure to do this will result in the issuing of a Ignore Order, to the antagonistic parties.

The order shall be:

1. Ignore each other using the ignore function in the forum and chatbox

2. Do not respond to each other in any way.

3. Do not post in non-socionics threads started by the other user(s).

3. Do not make personal posts in socionics threads started by the other user(s).

4. Do not in any way attempt to speak/engage/notify the other user(s).

5. Failure to comply with the above directives may result in a 1 day temporary ban and/or a ban from chatbox and/or a thread ban.

6. Failure to comply with the above directives 3 times may result in a 1 month temporary ban.

7. The users will be placed in a UserGroup ROUser, that will limit their ability to view posts and respond to user that they have ignored.

4. Information

4.1 If you have a complaint, report the relevant post, thread, or PM by clicking the "Report Post"/"Report Private Message" icon (Report icon). This can be found in the left hand corner of a post, below the user's details, or the top right hand corner of a Private Message. All such complaints can only be read by Administrators, Super Moderators, and Moderators (as listed via the Forum Staff page), and will remain private.

4.2 Please send a Private Message if you have your concerns about the ability of the Forum Staff to sort things out.

4.3 Banned members can contact the forum administration via the following form.

4.4 Generally the staff will not delete posts or threads on request. Feel free to wipe your own posts, but keep in mind that everything you post on here is automatically public.

5. Disclaimer

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