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  1. Nah. You are greatly misled, they are from Jesus, who is God in the human flesh.

    The whole point of Jesus and His resurrection was for him to die for the sins of the world. He did all of that on the cross.

    BTW, it's impossible for us to determine "how good enough" one is in obeying Jesus. We're all prone to falling to sin and failing over and over. Hence Jesus.
  2. If you actually read the Bible, this is apparent.

    There is a right interpretation of everything God says, and it is our job to discern that meaning, which means not being an armchair critic and creating an interpretation to suit our tastes.

    This comes through deep study and meditation on His truth.

    If you attend church, ask your pastor to help you.
  3. Incorrect.

    It is through Christ and Christ alone, that we are saved. Not through our works. Works follows faith. It's a byproduct of faith.

    You are conflating discipleship with belief/faith.

    And that translation is from the KJV, which is accurate btw
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    Hello! Hope this is the right place to post this. Kind of still getting used to this forum. Anyway, thanks for the friend request! Everything's cool here. I'm still a beginner with all this psychology stuff, though feel free to ask me anything or drop a mention if you need another LII's perspective.
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    What specifically do you want to know?
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    The artist Miles Johnston drew it:
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    I just realized I already have Monkey Island 2 on XBox 360 lol. Solves that problem : )
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    Oh wow, thanks for the info kind sir. I appreciate the link and will look into it. I do recall I tried, I think it was, Monkey Island 2 on X-Box 360 some years back, but got busy. I think I'd prefer it on PC anyway. If it's not too hard to get the better graphic ones I would be much obliged, but knowing I can just get them at the link you provided is also good That would be a good game for quarantine time!
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    hey, who is the guy in your profile pic?
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It’s hard to translate this literally and poetically into English, but this is my attempt at a translation: “For we love beauty, that we attain good ends thereby, and we love wisdom, though not in a way that makes us soft, nor that causes us to value weakness.”


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