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    Just hi? I'm not your Digga??
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    Moin moin Digga
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    Because it sounds edgy.
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    Oh that's warnings GIVEN not received. Why you always warning people Policeman? Just swing the axe my man, end them rightly.
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    What were you given two warnings for? I find it kinda funny that after all my shit flinging and controversial statements, I still have yet to receive a single warning. I'm too well liked as I suppose, like a lil puppy dog who shits on bed but is just too cute and lovable to be mad at.
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    Sure thing. I'm heading to bed now but we'll find a time this week. My alias is LemmyLo. Add me in the meantime.

    You can only develop them from growing your city or by discovering them in ruins, or mind bending one of course.
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    Bardur is universally considered the best tribe. Knights are the best units, they're fast, hit hard, and can chain attack weak units. If you're playing on a map with a lot of water, spam battleships (if you control the seas, you've pretty much won even before taking over the land). The computer is retarded against mind benders, can win a game easily just by spamming them, even on the highest difficulty. Cymanti is OP on land maps. Elyrion is OP late game. If an enemy is sieging your city, you can throw them off by developing a giant. Click an empty block within your territory ten times, you'll quickly regret doing so. You can move quickly by building roads in front of your units but can't build in enemy territory.
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    Beyond addicting. It's like a dumbed down Civilization but don't let that mislead you into thinking it's bad, it's way more fun in my opinion than any Civ game I've played.
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    But yeah, moms are either hit or miss lol I feel the same way with IEEs, they're a breath of fresh air to have around but would never want to marry one. I want someone more stable and reliable than any IEE I've ever met. I actually don't mind ESEs either, but they always criticize me relentlessly which makes me hate them.
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