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    I've noticed I like being asked Ne-ish questions about myself. Like if you give me a random hypothetical I wouldn't care bcz I have no stakes in it, but if you ask me "What's your favorite color?" I wouldn't care bcz that's a boring question.
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    Thank you!
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    I understand the PM system here better than the others. PM me and then we can hash this out. Suffice it to say I have the full courage of my convictions on this so I fear no potential disagreement. One way or the other, barring demonic influence and you allowing them to sway you, you'll come around to my point of view
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    Not exactly sure how this function of the site works. Chat about what? How does one respond and who can see it? I've been rather busy lately.
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    Okay, I need to build up some courage to actually share it though lol
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    Oh well I put it back up lol
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    Why? did it mess something up?
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    I know what you mean. Hope things can start speeding up a bit for you

    But anyways, yeah, I did delete a lot of them. (I was also active a lot in shout box, but that history might be gone by now.) The reason I deleted them actually ties into why I had to take a break, which is that I was taking a 6 month medication course for athleteís foot. It was super effective, but also made me feel super insecure, increased depression, sapped my motivation and appetite, etc. Just a lot of wide-reaching, not so fun side effects that made me pretty self-conscious and unable to really engage effectively. Thankfully that's over now though.
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    Hey, thatís really kind of you to reach out Iíve been doing well, thanks for asking. I had some external stuff going on for awhile, which resulted me spending a lot less time here.. I used to be decently active, so now Iím trying to get a feel for the environment and re-integrate. But overall, things are pretty good! Just trying to take it day by day. Howís life been treating you recently? (congrats on becoming a mod btw!)
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    no, it’s just a joke , I joke I’m ESE a lot. And I like cookies, you see , a lot
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