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    I'm very sparingly drawing or making music now - which made me hesitant to put it on my profile, but I still have being an artist a part of my identity. But to answer your last question which I found pretty interesting. At least for a piece of work in itself, I'd start with the question why do we even have art? Some say it was to cope during harsh winters when we were in caves. That's a feasible possibility. I see art as creating new worlds, wanting something beautiful. Same applies to architecture. It's in a way art in 3D. That said, when approaching some work, ask what's the quality of life in the hypothetical world? what do they believe in? What do they like? Ask the same questions but pertaining to your self. Art is basically creating, destroying, and preserving (as anything is, really).

    What also might help is simply looking up different movements. Or even looking at mundane objects. Tinker with the objects in your head.
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    I suspect this is what Biden was put in place for. I am following the development. It's insane.
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    Its also proven that the natural immunity that comes from getting and recovering from covid provides better protection than the "vaccines". Considering how the virus mutates I'd put my trust in my own immune system over the needle any day.
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    Dunno man. But there is definitely something iffy about the vaccines. I'd rather get covid x10 than the first needle. But I've not been sick yet. Maby it's cuz of something so simple as I supplement vitamin D and zink (and a bunch of other things). However I think its safe to assume that for every jab you get the risk to your health is increased. I knew it would come to this, booster shots every couple of months etc.
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    The Tarot Card Fool, being the main central star of a big quest.
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    Thanks. I found Winnie Ille Pu. I'll read it together with a Swedish version. Works well for me. I'm currently using the Cambridge Latin Course. A series of 5 textbooks. They focus on reading easy Latin and only a minimum of grammar. So I read lots of texts and then they slowly get more difficult. I like that I really have the time to get a feeling for the language. It's the modern way of teaching Latin. I hate getting stuck with texts that are too difficult. The pace has to be right, and maybe slower than traditional teaching, for me at least. But there's a great amount of text to get through in this course. But that's fine.

    I'll work with original texts later.

    ESL sounds like a good idea. I knew a person from this forum, an American, ILE-C who moved to the Ukraine to become an English teacher. He had no previous experience, but he seems to be doing well. It's the lingua franca of the world, many people want to learn it.

    For me the great challenge has always been to push my learning beyond the intermediate level so that I actually can use the language without problems. To get to the actual goal. But it feels great to have this as a hobby because I can just experiment and see what works. I studied languages at the university but it never became a profession. Now I've become interested in history and ancient culture and Latin is great for that, and it's fun on it's own also.
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    Hey, something totally different... You know Latin. Are you familiar with the Asterix comic books? Do you read them over there? In Europe they are quite popular. They have been translated into Latin, so it's a great way to practice the language. I always thought it was strange that comic books are not used more for learning languages. The graphic environment helps so much. Do you know of any other interesting resources for a beginner/intermediate learner like me? I'm trying to scan for the best options for me, I'm tired of learning the old way. Looking for stuff I can tailor for my needs.
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    I have to read the book again and in more detail. I have just skimmed through it. There are lots of wisdom there, but I forget it easily. I think she has very characteristic Ti-explanations, lots of distinctions. Maybe I'll make a thread later when I have read it again. I want to make a list of her most important insights, kindof like an index to the book. Yes it's true, most people don't read this. I think I once made a thread mentioning the book but it quickly died.
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    yes, I like the book also. Her descriptions are less technical than Jung's, but they are maybe easier to relate to. I like that she mentions work with the inferior function for all types. And stories about analysands are always nice. Would be nice to hear your comments in detail. Are you gonna make a thread?
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    The quote was about all she had to say about "duality". The Jungians don't focus much on that, instead it's all about work with analysands to bring forth the suggestive functions and problems related to that. They have a very different perspective.

    I kindof agree what you say about duality. Just recently a friend of mind who is LII has married an ESE. So I have been observing.
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