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    Lol, I swear it was one of the LIIs here. I thought it was you. Goddamn my memory failing me.

    Thanks for clearing that up.
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    Can also be read as “Remember who you are’’.—> this is more of a personal interpretation
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    Ok thanks for the clarification. If one is acquainted with state management techniques, be it inquiry/meditation or just life experience, i believe that this quote may inspire action through a “clearer” state.
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    Ok I misunderstood your first message. I thought that you had already checked for a translation (although maybe that would be tricky since it’s written in an archaic form of Greek). It means something like “under all circumstances remember your end(s)* and certainly don’t sin”.

    * IMO it can be taken to mean death or sublime form/lowly form
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    It is a phrase that can be understood in various ways. Έσχατα means end but also edge. Αμαρτία means sin and this is also open for interpretation according to what level of subtlety one is open/exposed to.

    Can also be read as “Remember who you are’’.
  6. Regarding EU4: I've not played it much, and found it rather difficult and ultimately not very rewarding. And yet, it seems like it should be exactly the sort of game I would like.
  7. It is from a study called "What do Philosophers Believe?", pdf can be found here:

    so, that table just shows the strongest correlations between philosophical outlooks based on a series of questions that many philosophers answered.
  8. Your question earlier in the Chatbox reminded me of this chart/study:

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    In case you missed it, I think you should totally get a FB. If not just for chatting and playing some games. We're always on, and trying to get more people to join. The more the merrier ^^
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    Oh okay, sorry! How could you not have any social media!?? >< how would anyone reach you? Well, if you do make a FB, be sure to let us know. We will be here waiting for you! ^_^
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