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    Oh okay, sorry! How could you not have any social media!?? >< how would anyone reach you? Well, if you do make a FB, be sure to let us know. We will be here waiting for you! ^_^
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    Hey Freelance, sorry if you missed it, but I apologized for being creepy earlier in the chat. I was wondering if you wanted to join a FB chat with me, Abbie and some friends. we talk occasionally ^^ So, what do you think? Hit me up with your FB name if you wanna join~
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    Hah thanks for the compliment ;P
    Sorry for getting back to you so late!

    Anyway to answer your question... I have found that people can "transcend" their type somewhat, with a lot of conscious effort and/or personal growth, to the point they can appear to be "freed" from their core type's vice and appear more like the type they aspire to be, which is often times their integration type. Or alternatively, some people begin to become/appear more like another type, like their wing or their second type in their tritype. (Though you can see a similar effect also with people who know about the Enneagram and don't like their true type, so they actively try to mask it and be a different type, but that can be "false growth", if that makes sense. It is not necessarily true growth, it is just a mask or plaster on the wound.)

    But by and large, the core type and the core fixations do not evaporate or disappear. At most, they remain dormant. So once the person descends into the lower levels of health, their core type will become more prominent again. It's like the Shadow re-emerges and envelopes the person in their own personal darkness, to make it sound dramatic.

    I always say that people who are at average or (somewhat) unhealthy levels (if they are too unhealthy, they can become catatonic and also incorporate more unhealthy aspects of the other points) are the most easily recognizable in terms of their enneagram type, they often times are literally the stereotype of it, not in a complimentary way. In contrast, the more "evolved" they are in terms of personal growth, the more difficult it can be to type them, because their ego identity (that's how I call the e-type in a more accessible way) will become more amorphous. Which can be a beautiful thing IMO, because personal freedom is the goal.

    Hope that made sense, ha
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    Hi, Ok so you study Greek and Latin. Cool. Do you read a lot in Latin? Like just for fun? There must be an enormous literature in Latin. I've recently gotten more interested in ancient languages, it's something romantic and fascinating about them. I like that feeling of historical "depth" in the language, like something old and historical. A hint of a world long gone. I can basically read Old Norse quite well, so I could get into the Icelandic saga literature or pagan poetry with a little practice. I've never really had any use of it so far. Latin - I only know the basics, but enough to start reading very simple texts. These are just some things I've been thinking about recently so that's why I asked.
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    I'll be starting classes next week too. Maybe we can play on some weekends or evenings when classwork is lighter for the week.
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    Also, since I didn't make that explicitly clear- I think what I want to do with my life is learn. Learning and traveling to learn as well as learning to travel
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    Overall I think the hardest thing for me is choosing one subject to deeply delve into, I want to know them all which I think for me would be a rather difficult feat but not one which is entirely impossible. Anyways, as a start for this endless quest of erudition I do agree with you in saying that the humanities are a good choice, which is why it's something I am heavily considering.

    and with that said, money isn't the most important thing to me- I've been poor and it wasn't so bad at all.. Hell, I even lived in a yurt with no running water for 6 months last year
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    I wouldn't necessarily apply that label to myself as it is just one of my interests and subsequently, possible paths I might take.
    Really at the moment it is an argument of:
    -Where I go
    -Whether I go
    -Whether or not I choose a major I enjoy or choose one for monetary gain


    -tying into the second on the list, whether or not it would be worth more to just go to a trade school as the benefits are less debt than I would have overall (assuming I stay in the US) and depending on the trade my net value may very well be far above what I could gain from that fancy diploma. However, I also believe that with the rise of automation trades and manual work in general are going to be in grave danger.
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    According to your Interests on your About me tab you like:
    "Literature, history, classical civilization/language"

    This is exactly what I think I want to study at Uni
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    A friend!
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I was born in a time before time near the westernly breezes of the Atlantic. The tigers, upon witnessing my prodigous soul, kneeled, and I rose as their king, though yet a babe. They, having taken me as their friend and commander, reared me well; I suckled their milk and wrestled their kits. Yea, and I became wise; sitting under the moon, I became intelligent, and I endeavored to learn more of the world. Seeing the great stores of knowledge which my race had stored up, I embarked on a quest to study human culture and knowledge. Thereafter I bought legal identification documents from some seedy-looking lesbians, and soon planted myself in a province of Ameristan, then under the bloody regime of the warlord Bush, apparently (to the unwashed) just as much a normal citizen of my host country as thou or he or they. And so treat me well, lest I write a scathing criticism of thy culture, and you all shall be passed up by all the anthropological tourists.
Literature, history, classical civilization/language


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