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    Not exactly sure how this function of the site works. Chat about what? How does one respond and who can see it? I've been rather busy lately.
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    Okay, I need to build up some courage to actually share it though lol
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    Oh well I put it back up lol
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    Why? did it mess something up?
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    I know what you mean. Hope things can start speeding up a bit for you

    But anyways, yeah, I did delete a lot of them. (I was also active a lot in shout box, but that history might be gone by now.) The reason I deleted them actually ties into why I had to take a break, which is that I was taking a 6 month medication course for athlete’s foot. It was super effective, but also made me feel super insecure, increased depression, sapped my motivation and appetite, etc. Just a lot of wide-reaching, not so fun side effects that made me pretty self-conscious and unable to really engage effectively. Thankfully that's over now though.
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    Hey, that’s really kind of you to reach out I’ve been doing well, thanks for asking. I had some external stuff going on for awhile, which resulted me spending a lot less time here.. I used to be decently active, so now I’m trying to get a feel for the environment and re-integrate. But overall, things are pretty good! Just trying to take it day by day. How’s life been treating you recently? (congrats on becoming a mod btw!)
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    no, it’s just a joke , I joke I’m ESE a lot. And I like cookies, you see , a lot
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    I work remotely for a distribution company dealing with contracts and product pricing.
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    Ok. I haven't yet read anything by Hillman. I got very impressed by Erich Neumann a few years back. He's one of the central figures in Jungian thought. There is a chapter called "Mass-man and the phenomenon of recollectivization" in the book "Origins and history of consciousness". Could be interesting if you like to read about the psychology of modern man and what's happening in the world on a deeper level. I might have mentioned the book before.

    About Scandinavian paganism. The book I'm reading is by Folke Ström: "Nordisk hedendom". It's a good introduction and historical overview of Viking age religion but I don't think it has been translated into English. But there should be tons of literature in English. It's all based on the old myths and poems that were were written down in Iceland in the middle ages. The main sources are the Poetic Edda and Snorre Edda. They are kindof mandatory reading for anybody interested in Nordic / Germanic paganism. They should be read together with some book that gives an overview or introduction. That's what I'm doing now. Otherwise it can get confusing to keep track of all the gods and myth fragments.
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    Hi, no I haven't read him. He has written some chapter in the book we talked about earlier "Lectures on Jung's typology". I'd like to read, but I have so many other books waiting in line, I'm literally drowning. Just got a book on old Scandinavian paganism, another book with ghost stories, a third book is an old Norse saga. Just to name a few. And then my long term project to learn Latin and world history. Help!

    Have you read Hillman?
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