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    Hi. Since you said you thought DCNH was easy to observe, I'm curious: do you have an idea of what my type would be?
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    Thanks for your feedback. It's possible that Michael Jackson is EIE. I can also see EII-Ne. What do you think?
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    Yeah, I relate.

    About Hillman -- I read that chapter, of course. I also read a book he co-authored with Michael Ventura called We've Had a Hundred Years of Psychotherapy, and the World's Getting Worse. This was after he split with the Jungians. It had some interesting thoughts, though I despise the format and tone of that book. Also some ideas I don’t feel are quite right. I was curious if you had any impression of his writing since I wasn't sure how interested I was in reading more of him.

    What is the book on Scandinavian paganism? If you think it's good, I'd be curious to read it. Religion really interests me.
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    Hey, have you read much of James Hillman? If so, what do you think of him?

    It seems much of his writing isn't on libgen, but I have an Amazon gift card; if I think his writing his good I'll upload some to libgen.
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    Hi. To begin with, since you said I knew Latin ó my Latin is only so-so, to be honest. I only took two years of it in college (I took more in high school, but you only get so far), enough to graduate, but I havenít really studied it afterward. So I wonít make pretensions there; I usually canít read a long section of poetry or very literary prose without having to look up some words.

    Iím not familiar with comic books, so Iím afraid I canít help you there. As Iím sure you know, though, there are some childrenís books and otherwise easy-to-read books that have been translated into Latin, which you may find helpful. I liked reading Winnie Ille Pu, myself. Like the original, its grammar isnít difficult, so even as a beginner, you should be OK if you have a dictionary, I think.

    I donít know how youíre studying, but the approach of my classics classes was usually to give us a text along with a commentary for difficult grammar and social context. Sometimes they came together in a single book; Cambridge University Press sells texts like this for instance. Most grammatical commentaries on single Greek and Latin texts are written for graduate students, which might be frustrating at your current level, but I personally found that using them was often helpful. I can try to help you find some, if youíre interested.

    Iím sorry this isnít more helpful.

    Personally, Iíve been trying to keep up my ancient Greek study since graduation, but itís been difficult to find the motivation, especially since Iíve been studying Japanese lately in hopes of getting a job teaching ESL. The social factor at university was a great motivator for me. But not many people in the general population seem very interested in studying ancient languages, and given how much time studying an effectively dead language like Latin or ancient Greek takes, itís easy to find something else to do. Even more so, again, when it feels like I have another language I should study. So congratulations on studying on your own. I wish you better motivation than I have.
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    Is she well-known here? I donít think most here are familiar with Jung. Iím not sure how much value such a thread would have or how many responses it would receive.

    Well, I was curious what you thought, so had just planned to talk with you about it if you were willing, but if you think a public thread would be good, perhaps the both of us can post what we think there.

    If thatís what you had in mind: Iíll likely post a thread once I wake up and have the opportunity to collect my thoughts ó unless youíd like to make one before then, in which case Iíll try to reply.

    Most of what struck me about that book struck me on an individual level ó it helped clarify my own thinking greatly, and certain truths she mentioned corrected some errors I was making in my life and my approach to certain psychic problems. I doubt this would be interesting for anyone to read, so it will take me some time to determine what I should say instead. Otherwise I would probably have already made a thread or messaged you with some thoughts for feedback.
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    Hey — many thanks, again, for telling me the source. I’ve been reading it today and it’s superb; very insightful and thought-provoking. Her descriptions of functions are especially good; IMO more well-rounded than Jung’s in Psychological Types. I think her work should be better known and discussed here.
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    What have you noticed so far? Even if you only have suspicions, I’d be curious to hear them.
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    Thanks. It’s difficult to put this into words, especially since I have limited material from which to draw, but I feel that with the dual couples I know, there’s a certain deadened sense to them. This has made me skeptical about the value of duality. There’s also an individual element to that: I feel like I tend to like and get along with ESE on a surface level, but I have a sense that I begin to automatically restrain certain kinds of expression, which in turn affects my tendency to think in the ways that would cause that kind of expression. My sense is that over a long period of time this would have certain deleterious effects on me, though in ways too subtle and perhaps unconscious to be able to describe well. I’m curious to see what she makes of duality.
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    Thank you. I’ll read it.
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