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  1. Haha are you mocking me? I wrote the same visitor message on angelic's profile page. If not that would be a funny coincidence
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    Hi, Tallmo. My interest leans slightly more to Greek, but you’re right; there is an enormous amount of literature in Latin. More of it survived than classical and Hellenistic Greek works, though of course the Greeks continued to write, and there’s plenty of Byzantine literature if you’re interested in that! And obviously Latin was the academic language of Europe until the twentieth century, which is great if you’re interested in anything academic or ecclesiastical. But yeah, it’s pretty cool to read, say, Julius Caesar’s account of the civil war from his own perspective.

    There are many benefits of learning ancient languages though, so go for it! Firstly, since they aren’t typically spoken anymore, you have to learn a very firm grasp of English grammar to understand what you’re reading — how can you translate a Latin participle or gerund when you have no idea what one is in English?? And then you learn history, of course; you can hardly avoid it! And this knowledge will give you a clearer view of the past, and of human nature: for all the cultural variances out there, people are pretty much the same everywhere you go. When you read the thoughts and feelings and hopes of people who lived 2,000 years ago in a vastly different culture, and realize that their experiences are universally relatable, your view of the world and of human nature really does become broadened. And, of course, in the case of Latin and Greek, it helps your vocabulary — when you see a new and unfamiliar English word (or even a word in other, Romance languages) you can often just figure it out from just your knowledge of those languages!
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    Hello, Kerry James Marshall is one of the artists i presently like. He is a painter. There are more that don't occur to me now, but i'll write you again when i have a minute (getting ready to go to work now). Have a nice weekend.
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    Church-boat rowing, i don't think i'd ever heard that expression! Those must be some cold waters out there where you are. Did that person you know recommend you for that job after all? I feel like i need to do more networking, that is infinitely better than sending a cold application in. I ...haven't done much outside of job search. The few articles i've read about job search make it seem like it takes a long time to place yourself in a full time position, at least where i am. In the meanwhile i am still working at the same place. We had a good art show recently. I have also been to the beach a couple of times, but it's not enough. I'd like to go to the beach more often this summer. This forum can be so negative sometimes, it upsets my Ne wholeness harmony, hehe (well, probably it upsets my Fi too, hm). Your IEE friend sounds amusing, maybe they mean well...? Talk soon, and pls. excuse the delay in reply.
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    Tallmo, thanks for that link. Btw, that project that lady is involved with seems quite cool, quite inspired. I am unsure of type tho, but i don't have any reason to doubt EII-NE which you suggested. How is everything going on your end? It is full-bloom summer over here, but as i am quite north myself it is not too hot. I am too busy, but used to enjoy late evening walks. Are you doing anything special for summer? Anything very summer-y? :-)
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    Hi Tallmo, how are you? My toe has almost fully healed now, but i broke it in a very unbecoming manner, i jammed it on furniture when i was cleaning my apt. ugh. lol. How is your summer going? Are you better adjusted to your diet now? Hope all is well.
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    Hi, i need to revamp my diet too, your talk of your special diet makes me think about it even more. Eventually I'll get around to it. Yes, I am job searching, which is why i've spent more time than i should on this forum because i'm doing some search online. I think i need to strategize better on my job search if I want decent results from it. I currently work at an art gallery and although I do like the actual job, I don't like the people. I hope to go into another gallery, but it might be necessary to change industry entirely. We shall see..
    Do you find you have more energy now that you got used to the diet? I have broken my baby toe so until that heals (it will take a month) I can't go jogging, which I love doing.
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    Hi, how is the special diet? Is it too difficult to keep up with the dietary requirements? Any special plans for the summer? I was 'informed' by my boss that i can't take any holidays until September, which pains me to think about, perhaps it's time to look elsewhere, heh. Are you happy with forum interactions? I sometimes find the forum vibe to be too hostile.
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    How are you?
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    of course I am
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