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  1. Tallmo, thanks for that link. Btw, that project that lady is involved with seems quite cool, quite inspired. I am unsure of type tho, but i don't have any reason to doubt EII-NE which you suggested. How is everything going on your end? It is full-bloom summer over here, but as i am quite north myself it is not too hot. I am too busy, but used to enjoy late evening walks. Are you doing anything special for summer? Anything very summer-y? :-)
  2. Hi Tallmo, how are you? My toe has almost fully healed now, but i broke it in a very unbecoming manner, i jammed it on furniture when i was cleaning my apt. ugh. lol. How is your summer going? Are you better adjusted to your diet now? Hope all is well.
  3. Hi, i need to revamp my diet too, your talk of your special diet makes me think about it even more. Eventually I'll get around to it. Yes, I am job searching, which is why i've spent more time than i should on this forum because i'm doing some search online. I think i need to strategize better on my job search if I want decent results from it. I currently work at an art gallery and although I do like the actual job, I don't like the people. I hope to go into another gallery, but it might be necessary to change industry entirely. We shall see..
    Do you find you have more energy now that you got used to the diet? I have broken my baby toe so until that heals (it will take a month) I can't go jogging, which I love doing.
  4. Hi, how is the special diet? Is it too difficult to keep up with the dietary requirements? Any special plans for the summer? I was 'informed' by my boss that i can't take any holidays until September, which pains me to think about, perhaps it's time to look elsewhere, heh. Are you happy with forum interactions? I sometimes find the forum vibe to be too hostile.
  5. How are you?
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    of course I am
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    Is that Jung?
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    yes I think of it like a target or bullseye its probably vision related, where its like the focus is inexorably lead to one point. with the cross all paths lead to the center, the point of convergence, and I think it naturally draws our attention to it... perhaps evolutionary instinct at bottom, a symbol of what it takes to survive "pay attention".. in man and his symbols they note that the cross changed where the horizontal line is lifted above center which they say was a shift in the collective unconscious, a development of the symbol itself. jung says something to the effect though that its off balance but symbolizes the attempt to elevate jesus above satan but that enantiodromia requires eventually a counterforce will result, perhaps that is the nihilism we suffer from today
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    Jung sort of talks about that when he says in certain situations people are overcome by adversity and regress to a prior stage, which could be like getting to the cross scenario and not being up for it. like the businessman who loses once and never takes another chance superficially he survived but died an inner death, whereas sometimes you have to die to live; one undergoes a transformation so to speak, or rebirth which would be like the resurrection, so theres this paradoxical "loss" that gives rise to something greater. so what it means to overcome the cross becomes more than mundane "continued life" which in some sense just means death in a continued banal existence vs death which involves a transformation. so this death = bad and life = good thing becomes a paradox because failing to overcome the resistance in some sense means giving in or passing through it, which makes me think of life in general when you meet something annoying and difficult a lot of times the trick is to stop fighting it and let it in and then deal with it as it is rather than a kind of shrinking away from it
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    I think thats really good, I never thought of it quite like that but it makes sense to me... I think the idea of it being like point where transcendence meets resistance and it either overcomes it and ascends or fails and dies is very interesting
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A true sense-perception certainly exists, but it always looks as though objects were not so much forcing their way into the subject in their own right as that the subject were seeing things quite differently, or saw quite other things than the rest of mankind. As a matter of fact, the subject perceives the same things as everybody else, only, he never stops at the purely objective effect, but concerns himself with the subjective perception released by the objective stimulus.
(Jung on Si)

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