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    Absolutely, This equilibrium was at the very core of the "classical" Era and the symmetry came from the importance of Forms and structure. Even in the writing, for instance if you look at almost any score of Mozart's composition you'll see how beautiful they are just visually because of that equilibrium. it's symmetric and yet perfectly crafted when it comes to emotional expression. Equilibrium was found in the mirroring of melodic lines, elegant questions and answers and numerous compositional techniques. The influence of Haydn in both his work and his teaching on that era was of great importance of course.

    This is imho what Bernstein Talked about, the language. Music is a universal language and I think that he saw Dodecaphonism as a threat to that natural universalism. A lot of modern composers followed the Schoenberg in his path as if Tonal Music was dead. The problem is that this new language, that new "syntax" is totally inaccessible to the profane. I think that if an Artist is the only one who understand his art then the art loses its very sense of communication. If I can't understand you on a musical emotional expressive level then there is no transmission. We as human are naturally wired to understand music, we speak music before articulating words, it's the baby's way of communicating his emotions to his mother. We cry in Minor and we laugh in Major.

    The lift off from the mother ground like you beautifully said, is the reason why I don't like a certain kind of modern "abstract art" claiming that the matter is the expression itself. In this case sometimes even the artist doesn't understand his creation, why he created it and the expression he wanted to convey is unknown just raw (I barely exaggerate ). That stuff is almost schizophrenic in nature, the artist talks to himself in an incomprehensible language and this dialogue is shared with a niche audience who pretends to understand the artist. Anyway, thank you for your time.
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    hello! I do believe any type can like aesthetics and things, ive been told by other people who know their stuff about socionics that my Si is high dimensionality (4D) due to what I showed them (it was artistic collages and things like that). I also do think I am good at that kind of creativity and always have been. Si is not limited to that but it was Petter's main description of Si- in particular, while the Si+ description was creating comfort, generally a more material version of Si. I hope that makes sense
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    Hello. Are you still studying Latin? I have several gigabytes of PDFs of dictionaries/grammatical information, as well as as classical texts if you'd like them. If you're interested, I can give you a download link and you can just take what you like. Also, have you heard of the Diogenes program?
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    Thanks for the input. From what I've been reading, harmonizing seems to be a better fit than normalizing. I don't suppose that immediately strikes you as wrong somehow?
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    What you said about schizophrenia and different countries is really interesting. I also like your idea of talking to the voices because I did do that.

    I talk to one voice in particular who is supposedly an angel. He visits victims to be with them when they're being harmed. He explained that he was showing me his work. The more I spoke to him, the more the negative voices got quieter. I think your ideas is a good one It did work for the most part.

    I had genuinely wondered about schizophrenia in other countries and I'm not surprised their experiences are more positive. I was raised Taoist by my father, but I learned about Catholicism. Still I was genuinely surprised when it was still in my psyche regardless of my upbringing.
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    Hmm, I'm not sure. That would be the second pòssibility in typing him, but he seems identical to Robin Williams maybe? Can't pin him down to IEE-Fi nor IEE-Ne, which would you say he is?
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    Hi. Since you said you thought DCNH was easy to observe, I'm curious: do you have an idea of what my type would be?
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    Thanks for your feedback. It's possible that Michael Jackson is EIE. I can also see EII-Ne. What do you think?
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    Yeah, I relate.

    About Hillman -- I read that chapter, of course. I also read a book he co-authored with Michael Ventura called We've Had a Hundred Years of Psychotherapy, and the World's Getting Worse. This was after he split with the Jungians. It had some interesting thoughts, though I despise the format and tone of that book. Also some ideas I don’t feel are quite right. I was curious if you had any impression of his writing since I wasn't sure how interested I was in reading more of him.

    What is the book on Scandinavian paganism? If you think it's good, I'd be curious to read it. Religion really interests me.
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    Hey, have you read much of James Hillman? If so, what do you think of him?

    It seems much of his writing isn't on libgen, but I have an Amazon gift card; if I think his writing his good I'll upload some to libgen.
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The decisive thing is not the reality of the object, but the reality of the subjective factor, i.e. the primordial images, which in their totality represent a psychic mirror-world. It is a mirror, however, with the peculiar capacity of representing the present contents of consciousness not in their known and customary form but in a certain sense sub specie aeternitatis, somewhat as a million-year old consciousness might see them.

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