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    Who are the mods here? Where is the mod list thing?
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    What the hell is your problem with Adam Strange btw?

    What makes you believe that it's ok to keep throwing insults? What are you trying to achieve with this? Any sensible let alone constructive goal with it?

    Good luck providing such a goal.
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    How do you self type, out of curiosity?
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    The creepy thing I wonder about is whether the founders knew about that and intentionally wrote that tension into the Constitution on purpose
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    I've often figured that the second amendment is logically inconsistent as a statement because of the presence of two different referenced subjects: "the militia" and "the people" -- that's why there can't be a resolution on gun rights in America
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    Yes, it's a great end-of-the-road situation that has to be reached. The question is, why a cross, and not some other symbol. I've been thinking about the cross for the past days, and I see it as a "locked" figure. Like an end point. Or a "Stop" sign. I think that this "limiting", "definite", "locked" feeling about the cross is the reason why it can symbolize transformation. It is like a closed gate, so that way it indirectly points to what's beyond. "When you can't get any further, a change has to happen". Like a coordinate system, when you get to the zero in the middle, you can't get any further. I read somewhere that in the old days crossroads were considered dangerous places, where ghosts liked to be. And there is really something fascinating about crossroads. 4 roads going outward into the world from one single point. At that point you are stuck, because you are standing at the absolute center. There is also a feeling of a "split". So it creates a tension that activates the psyche. So the belief in ghosts at crossroads can actually be well-founded. I like to think that the "locked" geometry of the cross symbolizes the death and end point necessary for individuation = the activation of the psyche. On the other hand, this might be biased, because we are so used to see crosses in grave yards.
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    I was just looking for some ideas. For some reason I've wanted to figure out more about it. I have some ideas, linked to the Christian story: If the vertical pole is the human-God connection (low-high), then the horisontal pole could be the circumstances that cut off this connection, basically our earthly human condition, with all its restrictions. Together these form the great opposition that humans are torn between (being nailed to the cross). But this is also the condition for transformation (for those who actually reach it). Also a symbol for individuation. In astrology there is an aspect called the cross when four planets form a cross in the sky and I just read it's meaning is something like a great opposition that will either save or kill you. "All or nothing mentality". I think that's pretty neat. But yeah something like fate, opposition, an impossible problem, split/wholeness. But I think my own interpretation is maybe a little too specific. If we are talking about real symbols then it's meaning could be more hard to get at.
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    Hi, I wanted to ask you one thing. Recently I have been interested in the symbolism of the cross. Do you know anything about it?
  9. Hey, i guess im ok too heh. Today some events got me thinking about fairness and justice vs what is right and how 'what is right' strikes me more as a Te/Fi concept and how internally i clash w/certain people bcoz of it (i say internally bcoz i don't express it much). I liked ur post on the thread about whether infantiles take advantage of caregiver even tho i suspect ur conflating Te/Fi w/Ne/Si lol. Other than that im trying to get a bit quicker at avoiding negative influences in my life in terms of values. Hope u have a good wknd ahead of u
  10. My thread on epigenetics went down. What a shame, i thought it could be an interesting discussion even if only on the speculative realm. How are you?
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