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    Hi how are you?
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    My day was fine; what about yours? And I have. I’m dual-majoring in history and classical language.

    Did you attend uni? If so, what was your major?
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    Sorry for the late reply in the chatbox; I got distracted. Yes, I'm in college now (or will be again in a week or so when the school year starts back up). I'm just generally worried about what I'm doing with my life. Thank you for asking, again. Was the large decision you made recently switching jobs?
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    Sounds interesting that art show. Can you tell me the name of some of the artists? I'd like to learn more about what's going on in the art field, I really don't know anything. The waters are not cold here in the summer. This is southern Finland and the Baltic Sea is not a huge ocean so it heats up in the summer. People swim a lot. The weather is very hot now, I try to stay inside, no beach for me. I had 3 weeks off. Went to visit my parents at the cabin. I found lots of firewood that needed to be chopped so I did it and built a shelter for it. Took me over a week, but I was pretty satisfied. I still have to get a roof for it. That became my major project this summer. ESE sister also showed up with her kids. It's kindof a bizarre family situation because my dad is very ill, he got a severe life crisis some years ago, and then everything just went downhill into depression. So he just spends his days in bed, and doesn't really communicate much. He has changed a lot the last years. But everybody is used to it now and there is not so much to do about it, so it has become the new normal, in a way. I still don't know about the job. Sent an application but it all depends on their needs right now. I always find these things so complicated, like whom to talk to and how to get things moving forward. Things might sound simple at first but then it's a lot about timing and talking with the right person at the right moment. It's a mystery. Hmm maybe this forum can be a little negative. I agree it is, but haven't thought that much about it because I am not that involved in discussions. There are only a few threads I've been following. I was very interested in the debate about Jung's understanding of Si, whether he got it right in Psychological Types (I think he did), because I feel many things Jung says are pure gold, but easy to misunderstand. It was in the Socionics vs Jung thread. Last week I went to do some painting job at a construction site. The boss was Russian (lots of Russians in construction). Most likely SLE Normalizing. Kindof macho in a laid back way, typical Russian way. I kindof liked him. Sometimes you meet people who make an impression, something in their character, it's hard to say exactly what.
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    Thank you!
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    Little One is such an adorable name. ^^ It's sad to watch pets get old, but they are great to have around. But it is part of life. I previously had a dog and we had to watch that. I hope Little One is with you for a long time. My kitty is named Marceline, I call her for Marcy for short. She follows me around and is very curious about everything, the little Vampire queen. She also loves people food and tries to steal oatmeal.

    I've always been into film, stories, characters, and the creative process. Seeing people's videos on youtube when youtube first became a thing in 2006/2007 made me want to make my own creations so I decided to try my hand at it. That was back before things were more homemade and we didn't have adds. Now youtube's turned into a monster. My dream is to work for a company.
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    That is pretty neat. Avante garde/experimental films are pretty neat, how people don't go with the traditional formula. It's interesting to think of what may have bee going through the creators head. Awww, kitty. :3 What is the kitty's name? I have a cat too. I would like to think of myself as creative, I come up with a lot of art ideas and am always coming up with new things.
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    Thank you, do you mean interests in general, or did you have something else in mind? I like to do artwork/draw, filmediting, reading, cryptozoology, weird unknown supernatural stuff, TV shows, just daydreaming about random things, and animals.

    What kinds of interests do you have?
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    Thank you. ^^ Actually yeah, I have considered LII before. There was someone else who said that it seemed off whose more knowledgeable of the system than me so I am reluctant to go all out and type that one but I think of it as a second option. I hope you are doing good too.
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