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    Hi. I feel your pain, I am horrible at job searching myself. I just feel exposed or something. I guess I should be more active and just get used to it. I always wait too long and postpone and then the whole thing becomes a burden, even if I am doing nothing. Art gallery sounds nice though. I think it was last winter I participated in this guided tour of galleries. They took us to many galleries in the area and we met the artists and so on. And of course I typed the artists, at least one was SEI . So if you are going to change industry entirely, what would it be? Yes, my diet experiment is going fine. I had 3 weeks of paleo, and then I lowered the carbs even more and added more fat, so I am going LCHF. I want to experience ketosis, or maybe I am in ketosis already, because I get very little carbs, but I still feel fine, although I do physical work. Since you mentioned jogging: A weird thing on a low carb diet is that I can run long distances and my breathing is slower than on a normal diet although I'm under physical stress. It feels strange, but interesting. Another thing that is different is that my tolerance for alcohol is lower. That's common, I've read.

    Btw, how did you break you baby toe?
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    Hi. I haven't been that active on here lately so I don't have much interaction here. I'd like to be more social though. The chatbox can be fun, but it goes too fast for me, I can't keep up. I log in every day though, but I guess I don't have that much to say about socionics anymore. My diet is not difficult, you can eat almost anything on paleo as long as it's natural and not grains/rice/potatoes. It's just the 3 first weeks that can feel difficult because you get less carbs than before. I have to work the whole summer, I don't have savings for a vacation, and I need to keep working to gain experience (I have recently changed my career, AGAIN). I'm fine with that at the moment, some challenges are good. Actually, that's were my diet comes in, because I want to be healthy and have steady energy for work, and hopefully have some energy left doing my own stuff in the weekends. Yes, didnt you make this thread about changing jobs? What kind of jobs are you looking for?
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    Hi. Im fine I think. Working, eating paleo diet and hoping to have some time to do some fun stuff. But work takes most of my time. How are you. Oh and i have to reply to your sei eii thread
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    I'm currently on the East coast of the US and weather wise, summer is essentially here but I'm not quite ready for it yet and so over the next few weeks I'll be hibernating at one of my cottages in the north of Sweden, where it's still winter (34 degrees Fahrenheit) until the summer solstice (June 21st) arrives, where I'll then head to Stockholm and stay for about 2 months (or not, I'm a restless, fickle MFer) because I can't endure a scorching summer in NYC. I may have a little "melanin" but my genes are still overwhelmingly Scandinavian and we aren't built for excessive heat. This summer I plan to largely be on/by/in the water because it brings me endless internal peace and serenity and I could use a little bit of that (my Si PoLR is strengthening lol)! What about you?
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    lol @ "the effrontery." For one, nice word choice and two, yes, we can be savagely honest, but there's a good chance we regret the delivery and packaging, at the very least, later on, once (or if) we stop to self reflect or perhaps wonder "why did they respond so badly to that? I was just calling it like I saw it." lol From my vantage point, I've always believed that being upfront about who I am/my limitations/my expectations with someone from the very beginning is the best way to be; I think this simultaneously protects one's self AND others from unnecessary heartache and a waste of (invaluable) time, energy and effort. It's all about risk management/mitigation for me. I've always been one to tell women, "we wouldn't work. This is me doing you a favor," and not in the corny cop out way, but genuinely mean that. It's not just my time and heart I don't want to jeopardize, but the other person's as well--sometimes, in our own twisted way, such a rationale is our attempt at being moral and humane. It's a form of "don't say I didn't warn you" and "proceed at your own risk." A charming bunch, we are. lol And I'm good, thanks for asking. How are you?
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    lol by virtue of posting that song, it's clear that you get me. Bless you and your Fi.
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    It would make me wonder why inaccurate data about me was circulating. That’s all. If it was serious like I had done something morally wrong like I had slept with someone I didn’t then I go back to my feelings Fi.
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    Hi (:
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    Hi dear Delilah,
    Yes I will try to stick around for a while. Glad that I was remembered
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    whatever you're comfortable with
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