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    I want to see the movie again. I'll get back to you. It's a cryptic movie, I feel like I want to understand it. Lots of symbolism and haunting feeling
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    if I knew the answer to this question I'd have a Te girlfriend by now I think it comes down to just being yourself via Fi and Te decides for itself how to respond. It comes down to whether or not they think its logical to insert themselves in the situation like if they have something to add. Honestly its a case-by-case thing because such is the nature of Te. A lot of it comes down to how much they're willing to "spend" in order to get what they want, which is another way to say it depends on how attractive you are to them (although this could include stuff other than physical attraction). I dunno hard question because I think Te tends to look at things objectively making them hard to influence apart from just being the best you can be. I think strat and gulenkos essays on dual relations probably goes into the nuance of particular dyads, because like ILI SEE is going to be a lot different than EII LSE etc
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    haha I feel like EJs look for IJs to provide a kind of intrinsic motivation they may lack. so like EJs have this outward orientation but they can lose their centering. with Te its like they know how to do a ton of stuff but they want guides on what to do, in support of whom, for what cause, etc. With Fe types its more about figuring out how stuff works so when they pursue moral initiatives they're not mislead by their convictions, i.e.: they want understanding, so they can be sure their convictions are properly oriented. so like with Te types I feel like these types are like weapons or tools that really want to be valued by people because that value is the reciprocal form of value they create. its like skill v appreciation, and they need eachother; another way to look at it is information + energy. they need eachother because if they're too one sided it becomes painful. like from any side the skilled person can become nihilistic and sell themselves short or become unethical, and the appreciator can end up with no resources and appreciating people who really don't deserve it. so like Te wants very much to attract a person who will light up their life (but not in the Fe sense >, provide that inner spark and they're all about showing they can do stuff in return and out of gratitude. in other words Te knows they gotta fulfill their end of the bargain by being useful if they want someone to bother with them so they make effort to be that kind of person. it sounds kind of like a dry exchange but its really not because underlying it is the impetus for the Fi type to cultivate their morals and be a better person and the Te type to cultivate their skills and the "exchange" between them is synergetic not abusive or mercenary. its like if you're a Fi type you develop yourself by sincerely learning to appreciate qualities in Te types, and it sounds dull but its actually not, its hard for me to express, but there's a kind of humility and greatness in sincerely loving someone because of their competence and despite their shortcomings in other areas, its like a mark of strong character to be able to evaluate people and come to meaningful conclusions and form relationships on that basis and people need that, its not like being 2nd place in the relationship its like work thats just as "hard" as developing any Te skillset, and Te realizes this too and so theres real mutual respect there not just an empty bargain
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    I'm sorry that I suck so bad as a pen pal. Every time I see your letter I tell myself to sit down and write before I can put it off again, but then I can't think of anything worth saying. If it helps any, I haven't been keeping in contact with even friends who live two houses over from me.
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    Thanks for the wishes, I wish the same to you and your family
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    ★★★★ Christmas time ★★★★★★

    Hello. You hereby receive: The Chae approved Happy Holidays message. Love and peace to you and those you are close to, stay safe and work hard in 2018 to achieve your dreams. I adore you.

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    Thank you so, so much. Sending love!
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    Did what?
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