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    Hello, where are you?
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    "hag is the elizabeth bathory of t16t" – Luminous Lynx

    lmao You legend! I just saw Your new Sig
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    Currently working on the mother of all Musician typing threads! It's gonna be awesome! Lemme know any Gamma typings You have. My list is already pretty decent
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    Have You ever been so Gamma Ni You just...

    He's in the center
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    Yeh, I'd defo say LIE > EIE. I've followed him for years and his values seem pretty obviously Gamma, ie follow Your own path, find Your own strength, chase Your own ambition, never put conformity above Your own desires, etc; Democratic dichotomy (focus on individual > group) and personal rationality and ambition, so Gamma. From what I've heard H in Extroverts look the most "Introverted" in appearance, and he is ALOT calmer in interviews than on stage or music video hahah, but his Se HA is so obvious, cause in music videos he always puts on an appearance of strength and presence and uses a guttural barking vocal style to project more power, when in actuality he's a pretty reserved dude. C types do 'stand out' among their their type tho. He's not commandeering and short tempered enough in person to be D, so one of the other three. He is also extremely rebellious so N is probably not as likely as C or H. I think You're on the right trail there. C individualist or H esoteric obsessed reserved LIE. One of the two, and defo LIE-Ni > LIE-Te. Obvious Sx primary. Could actually be Sx/So, considering how much he obsesses over talking about social issues. Damn, ain't Socionics fucking cool?

    Anyways! I'll let You know if I find You anymore Metal/Goth Gamma NT Husbands. Welcome to the heaviest popular band on earth. Welcome to Behemoth!
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    I found You another Husbando

    Lead singer of Behemoth! For years I thought he was ILI, cause I didn't fully understand the difference between Program Ni vs Creative Ni. He's Gamma NT as fuck, but he definitely presents a "message" (Extreme individuality and personal power), and uses metaphysics and esoteric stuff to do so. He has worked tirelessly for decades to build a successful brand, and played several musical genres finding a style to promote. He's an excellent businessmen, so much so that Behemoth are one of the most famous and well respected metal bands in the world right now, able to headline Metal Festivals, which only a few bands of the past two generations can even manage (Other bands on that level were/are Gojira, Machine Head, etc), as Metal Festivals for years were relying on old 80s bands to be the main attraction. Behemoth has a very distinctive brand, aesthetics, merchandise, and is able to charge pretty high costs and still sell very well. Adam (LIE singer) overcame Leukemia, and his video talking about his recovery, and how a brush with death made him become more vital in life, and his reasoning generally was very Se HA, as is his obsession with gaining personal, inner-strength. Also, in interviews he actually comes off as having a low-key charm and sweetness, so Fe role and Fi seeking could make sense.

    I would say LIE-Ni Sx/Sp fits him best.

    Dunno if You dig any Behemoth, but that's what I've found. So there ya go! Another Hag Husband on the list
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    Primordial Lyrics

    "Your blood looked so beautiful in the snow
    I cried like a child...
    All my life I waited for you
    And with dusk's onset... I lay with you...

    A cold embrace
    A winter's kiss
    Frozen blood upon my lips..."
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    If You were digging on that last track Chrys shared, You'll dig on this jam
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    Bonus Hagpost for the day

    One of my faves to sing (Production has a Devin Townsend feel to it). The chorus and outro are brilliant:
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"hag is the elizabeth bathory of t16t" – Luminous Lynx


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