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  1. I can't listen to him or watch him, I don't know if I ever will. I cried earlier when I saw his funeral picture, I'm just glad Onew was there for Key.

    It's not really about being comfortable, it's a gut reaction thing. It doesn't mean I like the idea of being SxE, it's just that I have come to the acceptance of the fact. I made peace with it, like a "love yourself, peace" thing. A big thing that kept coming up more and more frequently over time was the whole remembering who you were as a young child. The natural unadulterated you, before the world shaped you. It was so painful I kept running away from it. When I stopped, it caught up with me.

    I'm not gonna say anything on your new typing of Jimin, your attitude about Zero grants it irrelevant. Don't write anything if it's on just my account, do things comfortably. I just realize now that we are very unlikely to ever find common ground in typings again, since our interpretations of the elements are so vastly different. Not that I'm that surprised, not when you've already typed GD (and me) as EIE while typing CL as Ego. It's funny because just yesterday I was surprised at how popular JLaw's typing of ENFJ (in MBTI) is. Many think ENxP or ESxP too, but her as Ego is crazy to me. I did consider ESFJ though. It does say a lot about Ethics when I never see people debating on vs , or vs Egos like that. Not even vs is so divisive. In MBTI is common to be in doubt whether someone is a high user, or just inferior . Tricky things, feelings are.

    I don't whether you've already retyped the rest of Bangtan and as what, but assuming you didn't, they'd be a 5 out of 7 Egos

    As for Bris, he monetized 3 videos about a person he had never heard of hours after their death. So call me cynical and oversensitive if you will, but that really rubbed me off the wrong way. How can you "react" (God, that rises bile inside me) to a death tribute made to a complete stranger? What can you contribute with even comment wise when none of those images mean anything to you? I don't see where's the "homenage" in that, I really don't.
  2. Thank you for your concern, I'm better today. Finally crying definitely helped, as usual it was an unexpected thing that set it off. The worst thing is that I found it out by chance. I woke up from a nap with my phone getting notifications, so I clicked on it before even checking what it was about. There were subscriptions updates, and as I scrolled I saw one with "R.I.P Jonghyun". I immediately paused and thought "No. That's not possible. He probably just released something that made his stans 'die' But then two videos up : "Goodbye Jonghyun". I immediately got on Twitter to check the Trending Topics and there it was, his name. It's Ladies code all over again, it's sickening and cruel, fuck what curious outsiders say because there's nothing worse than knowing too much.

    My "riddle": Joonie is 1,80cms tall, so it meant that my results for the v4 were a 180º from the original test results. The first time I took this test (v1) i got ILI, this time (v4) I got SEE. I don't even know what Caesar's secret code is. And lol at any LSI putting me in my place, I'd love to see them try. I actually never seen them do it to any other type, or to anyone now that I think about it. It's others who naturally feel intimidated that take a step back, they don't do shit, which is like IPs like it anyway. It's a lazy and many times even involuntary win. I do know two EIE/LSI couples, and in both cases it's the EIE who has the LSI wrapped around their little fingers in quite blatant ways. It's cute.

    It's either SEE or SLE, no other type is possible now that I'm finally ready to let go of my genuine but stubborn need to cling to the idea of having strong . I was mistaking product with process, forgetting about the difference between understanding and being. And you're partially right about . I definitely see how it might seem I reject it, but in fact what I reject its the product of "wild" . In fact, I reject and denounce "wild" just as much. I don't oppose or look down on Ethics at all, my issue is, using these terms again because they fit, the product of unchecked Ethics, not the processes of or in themselves. I actually both admire and envy people with strong Ethics, so it wouldn't make sense. Unless there was not only self denial (or total lack of self awareness) but a major rejection of my own values and priorities going on. Which is actually possible, God knows the weapon of choice to hurt me was always Ethics, the most direct way of injecting pain into my bloodstream. About me and "seeking": either it's because it's in the Ego so the emphasis is based on how Valued it is and how much I rely on it for understanding (and therefore feel lost without it), or I desperately seek it since I have none of my own, but somehow am both unaware and too aware of it.
  3. PART II

    I put SeNi because that was always obvious from the beginning, ad anything but that made me feel incredibly uncomfortable. I tried "being" ILE (and IEE years ago) like the tests sometimes say, but I couldn't stand seeing those letters under my name, it was literally a physical pain. I just knew it wasn't true and it gave me this...anxiety? Something like it, a very antsy unpleasant feeling. I kept considering LIE because of my self perceived strong , but Suggestive was impossible, as was Vulnerable (major red flag really). All the LIE profiles read as bizarre and alien so yeah, over . I actually went back to some of the really good trustable Jung/MBTI material I had saved a long time ago, and I fit ESxP patterns of dominant/weak functions to a T. I can post it later if you'd like, but really, it's pathetic how hard I was clinging to a really distorted idea of myself. I was never like I liked to think, and when I was, was because I was severely depressed or stressed.

    I'd say my "confusion" was 50/50 genuine lack of understanding and strong denial. I'm over those insecurities, and therefore left my defensive/reactive protection of my fake self image behind. There's no shame left in me in relation to being whatever type that I am, and it' partially due to his passing. It gave me perspective and cleared my thought like a literal bucket of chilly water in my face. I was already halfway there due to the course I started taking last Saturday, but this drove the point home and made it stick. I have no time left for fucking around in a fun house anymore, now that my sense of responsibility has kicked in.

    It's cute how seriously you took my challenge (and went so deep, too!), also how you took my teasing as "obscure mystery"! vs idea of "Mystery" can be so funny.

    I actually would like to request something from you, if you find it in you to do it in the near future:

    As you know, I just super recently fell for Jimin and therefore am catching up on a lot I missed. I have zero doubts he's SEE 2w3 SO/SX, but since his type is so obvious, people who type him stay on the surface. The only person to write a lengthy analysis on him is you, but since it's not just Ennegram centered but Instinctual Snacking centered at that, I'd love to see a Sociotype breakdown of him. I imagine that as a typology fan Jimin stan you'd know the down-low on the good, the bad, the pretty, the dirty...the whole of how SEE plays out.

    I'm watching the Seasons Greetings right now and good Lord, Suga developments (he's having so much fun) are shinning through, ditto Jin's and Jimin's/Hoseok's PoLRs. Very entertaining.

    Oh and what did you think of your boy BRIS making videos on Jonghyun?
  4. Our masked friend let me know iPsyght has a new version, so I went and gave it a try. Then I took the original version again. Guess what I got in each? 50 points to Slytherin and a special spam if you get it right

    Hint: Namjoon's height
  5. Well MAMA meant nothing to SM, because those numbers are alternative facts! And even when they were selling more it was always an effort from Chinese fans bulk buying the shit out of those albums. It was never ever fair or a true representation of their domestic power that awards accepted to combine Chinese sales with Korea ones. A bubble really, they haven't had anything close to a hit since Growl

    The truth is EXO was doomed the moment they started their first tour, it became pretty clear right then that SM never cared about their artistic potential. I still remember how bitter and disappointing that concert was, we waited so long to hear them mime and dance messily in those poor costumes, with zero stage design After that all the HR fuck ups and the rapid decline in musical quality, I mean how come they followed Exodus a.k.a The Holly Bible with Exact?!?

    I wouldn't be surprised if their next comeback was actually good, but I also believe it might be their last for a while, if not ever. Solos and acting gigs will take over, I think. Junmyeon has his feet on the ground for all the irritation he caused me with those faces he was pulling at the MAMAs and MMAs. He has to, when apart form him, Minseok and Chanyeol the rest of the group seem to be on cloud nine, what with Bacon's antics
  6. Thanks, I've seen it already. Not even mad one bit, it just serves to further confirm the already discussed SM's despair. I mean it's not enough to send American outlets stuff all the time, they have to send their minions to do their dirty job too

    For months now everyone in the industry has been betting on whether EXO will be the next SHINee or Suju now that their peak has clearly passed, I guess we all have the answer
  7. Link, please
  8. You say that know 'cuz it's your HA talking, but I doubt your would be really happy about it
  9. Yeah it was sort of a joke, I'd never use it to type anyone, but it's really interesting when the face does align with the profile. But conversely, it's hilarious how through VI the same celebrity is types ILI and SEE-Fi by different people, like, how?
  10. 'Cuz I foud an old dvd from a course I took a couple years ago, and one of my classmates and project teamate looks exactly like you, and she's IEE
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