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  1. Katy is FG for sure, some say she's some N type, but no way. She's tried it all and mostly succeded, much like GaGa though their bodies can look very different depending on her weight. She's tiny next to Katy when underweight, but in her natural shape she's got curves and some muscles that show the N. GaGa used to use a lot of sharp angled costumes and Katy rounded, now they exchanged places. I think people forget that Flamboyant= D+R+N sometimes, I've seen both typed as SG and TR

    Glad you liked Lumi, I follow a Seoul based BW who tests makeup for this season, it saved me some money.

    12blueprints doesn't take interns either, you just get a professional certificate and can become a partner if you'd like. She has an official store for her makeup and legit jewelry now, you get good discounts in everything including drapes if you're an associate. I'd totally do it if I could, God knows Korea is lost in terms of beauty industry atm.
  2. Not just K- idols lie about height and weight, but to be fair most you find in Google are stimations and not direct from the horse's mouth. Compare her to Taylor Swift and you'll see the height difference.


    I was lost at first, kept on getting TR on the test no matter whar, but knew it was impossible. When that lady told me I was SG I accepted I think partially due to exhaustion, but also because everyone comments on my baby face. I took him pictures of my members and I could really see how he analyzes people, we end up agreeing in all typings, though one of them wouldn't techically fit her category at all. Her face is SG incarnate (big round eyes, round cheecks, wideish nose and full mouth), her body is long, narrow and sharp, lanky, no muscles. Yet he immediately proclaimed her FG and really, she couldn't be anything else, she wears the most ridiculous stuff and looka amazing. GD could nevah Will type BB later.

    Trainning is super intense because it only lasts 2 or 3 days depending on everyone's schedules. It's a whole new world to see proper drappings happening in person, and then to make one yourself.
  3. Interestingly I don't think she looks tall at all, just average, which she is ( saw her in kitten heels, no way she's anywhere near 5'8"). But yes, she most definitely has R in her. Thing is Kibbe himself said people have misinterpreted the SG category all along ( this is the reason why he doesn't use certain terms anymore, the distortion). They think SG= Ingenue, that's not what he meant originally. SG were supposed to be GR, not childish. Basically the most textbook sexy of the Gamines. Her being able to pull off several FG outfits is what puts her in neutral G territory.

    I didn't type him LSp myself, I only shared a typing of a Korean Sci-art blogger, Lumi. I definitely saw the Spring lightness and softness in her example and since he doesn't pull off black, I assumed it was correct. But further close investigation made it clear he was Bright, almost neon orange, pink and green hair doesn't fit Lights at all, only pastels. Yeah his face is just ...sad.

    Black haired Bangtan is a whole feast, is all I have to say

    Nah I wish I had been to a Metamorphosis, it sounds fun. Saw him last December right before my 12blueprints training, he solved my Gamine puzzle for me, they solved my Seasonal issues. In the end I'm just plain Gamine, which explains why I was struggling so hard with SG clothing. I see Gs mistyped as SG or FG a lot, he says it's because Gs are the most unpredictable in how the Yin/ Yang lines mesh. And the BW result was right, but the palette I had been given was quite incorrect to boot. It was both too muted and a bit too close to TW in some areas, and BSp in others. But they said I have a yellow overtone that gets really strong in the wrong colors, and that some (poor) analysts will mistake that for a natural glow, and see the connection between the false overtone an the warmer drapes, hence mistypes. Now I know why I've always rocked black&white and bright pinks.

    Talking with Kibbe he confirmed tests don't really mean much, and that essence/face and general vibe trumps the techical aspects.
  4. I actually agree with Kibbe that RiRi's a Gamine, but I'm not sure she has a subtype. He says Soft and her face definitely fits, she does really well in cuteish and even princessy clothes, I was surprised. But she's such a camaleon and her body shape changes dramatically from time to time. She looks too different from Dove Cameron though, so I don't see any type of Soft. Flamboyant makes sense in essence for sure, but not in body type, she's too delicate in structure no matter her weight.

    GD's a lot like RiRi in essence, but since he's a man he can't quite reach her heights and does look a mess more and more as time goes by. I type him a FG Bright Spring, he looks as good as Jimin in orange hair.

    I don't know about Daniel, I don't follow his activities and haven't watched anything W1 since MAMA.

    Oh would you guess, in the end I ended where I started, both in typology and Sci-art lol. But at least I learned a lot in the process. I used to mourn not sharing a season with anyone in Bangtan, but I don't have to anymore Oh and I managed to meet Kibbe!!!
  5. I went on a Pinterest binge earlier and have now concluded that RiRi is DW! I've always been very skeptical she was SS because the woman can wear so much damn color and prints, there was just no way. Makes sense since SS is basically what Soft Winter is in other systems. I actually thought she was DW before, but kept stumbling on how blah she was in black. Turns out I hadn't seen her in the correct shade, I've saved so many pics of her in her colors, so much burgundy and moss

    Have to disagree on Hobi, he's body is long and tiny actually. Yoongi has wide shoulders and thorax, not to mention those hands and his neck. It's really the face and Soshi legs that make him dandy.
  6. You can still send me PMs or VMs here, I used this email for other things too so I'll check it frequently.

    Yes SN for Kookie works, he looks amazing in baggy T-shirts But no Natural bone in Hobi's body, his MVs just proved he's FG imo.
  7. Hey I just checked the email account linked to the site and saw your messages. I'm glad you didn't waste your time spamming because as I've told John, I've given up on Socionics for good. So I won't be posting here anymore, but good luck with the Sci-Art/Kibbe thread and on your typing, I see you seem to be in doubt again? I've settled on xNTJ (not sure which, but I'm taking it slow for now) permanently and I'm really happy.

    Smash on the street, hey

    PS: Yonogi is a Bright Winter, not Dark. I realized that about a month ago, and thought you'd like to know!
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    Not to worry, all will be revealed eventually.
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    That's classified.
    I'll give you a hint: supervision rings.
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    It's square, inscribed in a circle, inscribed in a square, inscribed in a circle. Don't y'all still learn Euclidean geometry in school over there?
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