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  1. I'm starting to really believe in VI and is all thanks to you
  2. Girl, I had just gotten over this little shit and then you had to remind me

    Showing off his technological tongue in that bandan, just another admission of how much he lurks
  3. Omg, you're wildin' so hard right now Your space theory thing and grouping N.O. with the other songs

    Well they're naming the albums after the short films Hanjas, that's why they referenced them (with an emphasis in the Jin kills off his girl one, the literal turning point). K-drama style, no Greek theater I'm afraid.

    Anyway we'll soon know if the girls are supposed to be real, or just metaphors. And that JiHope stuff too
  4. I think LOVE MYSELF will be deep and grave at times, but I wonder how dark. Sort of like "Young Forever", "House of Cards" and "Awake", or actually dark (to me) like "Run" (MV), "Blood Sweat & Tears" and "Stigma"? That heaviness is reserved for the turning point, which should be the next installment indeed.

    I'm not sold on those intro titles, why would they give everything away? What about "COEXISTENCE" then? It looked like the perfect fake trail to me
    #4 LOVE OURSELVES: Peace

    #1 is the "LOOKING FOR LOVE" one for sure, but let's wait and watch out for clues in how that will play out. For sure it's be the dark one, I'm interested in seeing how that's going to be expressed now that their aesthetic has changed.

    Yeah with TOP it was like "Lol, this dude got issues" and then BAM!, misogynistic coward, which is not what I expected at all. I'd have been much less surprised if he had killed someone than finding out he tried to use a girl as a scapegoat after repeating Jiyong's mistake, and on top of that pulled a Mexican soap opera move with the pills. I mean I knew he was fucked up already, but not in that sense. But you know how these things are, as soon as one dirt piece of laundry is aired everyone starts sharing their stories and you find out it was that bad all along.

    Onew is the reason why I was so reticent about Hobi for so long, honestly.

    Re:Taeyeon: A fan commented, "Unnie, if you see this comment, please upload an apology publicly... I'm saying this because I'm really concerned as your fan... TT I was so shocked yesterday. I'm glad that everyone's okay."

    To this, Taeyeon replied, "Babe, this is not something I need to apologize publicly but something that I need to apologize directly to the people involved... The accident has been well resolved so don't worry. I really appreciate you for worrying about me. I'll always drive carefully."

    It's remiscent of what she did to Wiz Kalifa last year, this is what she posted: “I didn’t go to the hospital buddy.. it says here I’m washing up after waiting for you.”

    She called him "buddy", just like she now calls the fan "babe". It's her habit to be incredibly condescending and just appear to have zero notion of where her rights end and her obligations begin. It all stared when she dragged nurses on her radio show because they didn't give her special treatment, and when a listener called her out she also responded with sarcasm. Then there was her live rant directed at the MusicBank staff about bad audio...

    If you wanna know point blank what pisses me off it's her delusion of grandeur and disrespect, it's a common trait she shares with other SM idols so I think part of it it's nature, but the rest is nurture. In that company you learn to think you deserve the most doing the least, i.e. the MAMA mess. Thankfully this past week and a half have been very eye opening to a lot of people around here in that aspect. People who were shield are now being called out, and their stars are starting to fade. While humble and decent Bangtan rises, I hope it serves as an example for this new idol generation.
  6. It's not random, it's supposed to come full circle at the end, so the last it's actually the first.

    To me the real Lee Jinki started to be revealed way back, when the whole leaving SHINee and running away thing happen. Then we got the middle finger and e-cig scandals, so I wasn't surprised with this last fiasco. I do wonder how is his relationship with the rest now though, 'cuz it took so long for him to mend it the first time.

    Both SM and Taeyeon are shameless and have zero empathy, she's an embarrassment as an Identical, really. Just confirming every old negative stereotype ever, her IG "response" had my blood boiling. She's almost 30 yet she never learns

    In other Soshi news, I can't believe Yoona showed up! Also, I think it's the first time she isn't the most beautiful person in a picture, the power of CGV
  7. Yoongi is simply having the time of his life playing Namjoon this era, he just won't let that sentence go I really liked the 3 thing in the VCR, and with felt validated when they dropped the "hints" (really they're just spoilers this time, too blatant to be called mere hints), 'cuz when they dropped Her I called it with the progression of the titles for the rest of the series

    Well what is the issue? With him I thought that there were no more doubts left, but is this about whether he meant it or not? As susual SM is fucking everything up, i.e. Taeyeon too
  8. Oh I'm active alright, by the end of the month I'll have more posts there than around here. The power of his American glow up Junkook's testing me though, with his newfound twerking abilities (and him in those glasses and overalls ), I must have saved like a dozen edits of that scene with different BGMs

    The song has been stuck in my head since I've first heard it too, like Babe it has a mind of its own. But wait is this the October mess you're referring to? 'Cuz I just checked to see if I missed anything but there's nothing new except the boycott thing

  9. Baby girl

    (I've been listening to CMB since this mourning, so excuse the gifs)

    Oh yeah, I got over my identity crisis and bought a lot more, though I'm the embodiment of 'dressed up with nowhere to go' at the moment. These are the moments where we reevaluate our choices in life lol. There's only so much you can show off at home without looking overdone, so I'm experimenting with graphic Ts, which is a first. I'm super into warm reds lately, and acid blues, I'm trying to match the weather and it's fun.

    I thought I'd died at Kookie bu then Yoongi decided to bury me, he was so damn cute with his puffy face, he looked like a cherry tomato God bless him They were looking so illegal with those shiny silver jackets and Hobi with that MJ outfit Also Yoongi the Army bombs bender, I wish BigHit grabbed this opportunity to do a collab with Pantone and give us Ultra Violet as our official color. I mean, it's basically canon now

    Currently catching up and I see the love heptagon's been updated, so much gay everywhere:

    Also it was not a fluke, I now follow seven Jimin blogs and four fansites, I hope the Devil is satisfied

    And I might have or not ordered the whole B21 set of cushions. Just 'cuz you know, I need to sit on something

    Why did you think of Lip'n'Hip and what's this about Onew?
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