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    "I was trying not to "look for trouble" maintain a "safe psychological distance". I haven't argued in the P.M. about your type, so your Fe/Fi comment was also unexpected. I suspect you could be thinking that the porpuse of such experiment is to confirm my idea of your own (and others) type. It's not (at least for now). I just want to know if other people, when they try this experiment, will also experience more or less the same kind of "feelings" or "psychological sensations" (cognitive resonance, neutral, cognitive dissonance). That is, I want to see if this was just a thing that happened to me under a particular moment and mental state, or if other people also experience this, I could conclude that the experiment works and could produce meaningful results. Once I have sufficient data that points it works, I could later use it as a source of information when identifying types (as a guidance combined with more data, not alone of course).

    Regarding to my LII type, I commented it as a mere curiosity. I have considered it many times (it was my first chosen sociotype), and it's the option that actually makes more sense to me. The experiment also seems to point to this direction. Your ex sounds like a heavy Ti-sub LII (an example here could be Krieger, former Labcoat/Labster). Ne subs have the same core motivations but the style is different, more expressive, ILE-like.

    No, I don't have walked the Camino, and I never will. I have very little interest in it from a cultural standpoint (the same I have in typical local folklore-related stuff). Also
    I'm atheist (weak atheism variant) and I like to be consistent with my opinions, so it would make very little sense. Why did you ask? Have you done it?

    I would appreciate your contribution to the experiment, if you want and have the time. Remember that what I'm looking for is what you experience during it, if you face the three mentioned cases, and if you concur with the analogy I used as description (the stone-water). I would also like to know which sociotype avatars have you chosen, in order to see if they're "pure examples" and if the results are consistent (that is, the same type X tends to cause the same reaction). Contra (LIE) have also done it, and although he apparently had troubles for setting his mind in the right state, it seems it also worked with him, and the results agreed with his type.

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    Hello. Should I assume you're not interested in the experiment? Although I have already received some feedback, any contribution would be useful.
    You could do as you wish of course. Just curious.
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    Hello. Answer by PM as it is a bit long for a VM.
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    Take a look to this thread:

    There has been presented two characters as LIE that maybe you can use as a benchmark, if you have seen the show. It's interesteing because they're a bit atypical when compared with the stereotype.
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    Well you are not the only user who perceives himself [herself] quite full of contradictons, that is, a bit off sync with even with the most likely archetypes. I'm also in this situation (you can check my type-me thread if you're curious), but because of this, I prefer not to choose a final answer, but to reject nonsensical options, or nonsensical arguments about likely types, when they're proposed about me.

    I do not pretend to force you any type, you're free of deciding how you weight your characteristics into an option, of course. Types are enough broad for allowing very dfferent individuals to fit into, but if you take a look to the core about what means to be an ENTj and what means to be a 3w2, you will probably notice that this is not a good combo (even worse for an INTp). Considering this, it's more likely that you could be misunderstanding some aspects or the whole type (soc or e) for another similar. If you've decided your types by tests, they're are a clue at most, but nothing close to reliable. It could be acceptable for lighter versions of MBTI, but hardly for enneagram and much less for Socionics. The concepts that are being used are quite far for being falsifiable in their actual form, therefore they could not be measured, so to speak. This is a problematic that has yet to be solved (although most users choice to ignore this and just prefer "to believe").

    Sorry for the rant. Just my two cents . I'm not going to insist more, just wanted to "warn" you. Oh, I'm Spanish, by the way. There are several Canadians here, apparently, but very few from my country.


    It is always better to anwer in the other user's VM page. The posts that you write in your own page do not appear if you use the "view conversation" option. Just in case.
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    Oh, I see. Well, there are all kind of guys so it's not something one should discard because it could be not the most manly thing to do.

    I do not like beer. Nothing against it, just I feel the taste of most alcoholic beverages displeasant. I must be an alien, because even many (non human) animals like alcohol... Buy if you like it, then enjoy it

    Changing topic, your way of expressing sounds a bit "too happy" for an ENTj (serious+logical). Have you considered ENFj, or at least changing enneagram to 7? (which is more "Fe-ish" than 3w4, so to speak).


    I see now 3w2 and not 3w4 as I supposed. Although that could explain it, it is an improbable enneagram for an ENTj. If you are sure about it, I would consider ENFj; if you are confident about the sociotype, another E option would be more likely. The clash of values/goals between a 3w2 and an ENTj seems too high for fitting in the same individual.
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    I've never seen that branch here in my country.

    I thought you were a woman, due to the picture (apparently it's your gf's hand). Also your username sounded to me in that way, maybe because it's a bit "playful" .
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    That was just what I needed. Thank you.

    An sx/sp spirit I should have know!
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    Which liquid/beverage is that in your avatar?
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