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    I liked your post in the transhumanism thread, be my friend
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    Before commenting something about the PM (if you're doing such thing), please take a look to my last post in my type-me thread. I would like to know how much you relate to the Ni consequences I've commented.
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    P.S. Long conversations by VMs could be a bit uncomfortable due to their limitation in length. If you plan to continue this topic and you need to explain many things, maybe PMs could be best suited for this task.
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    What you have pointed about IEEs makes a lot of sense to me. Maybe they're not the best suited for centain specific fields, but I would say they're enough good for perfoming in many ones. Like they're good general academicists (including Science), because Ne+Te combo. Maybe hardcore Maths, Philosophy and the most abstract fields of Science (QM related topics, etc) could be a problem (Ti PoLR) but as long as the field is not too intangible, having delta values (hardwork, certain realism in expectations, etc) gives them the perseverance, tenacity, required for being successful. In certain way, well balanced: intuitive and imaginative, but also realist and hardworker. Also moderately optimist, and not being introverted, they're not too prone to get "hooked" in endless internal deliberations (loops). Maybe they're not usually at the top of their fileds, but they usually achieve enough whereas the types which have the potential to go further are also more susceptible to get stuck in the way due to certain weaknesses. Imo the only better "SUV intuitor" than IEE is LIE, but they usually prefer business and self-development fields instead those things which are good for Society as a whole (like Science). And the exceptions to this rule are fucking awesome, like Feynman. But I will not openly recognize this because many of them have already too big egoes

    Dr Breen, LOL. I can also see a lot of similarities between me and this character. Not only because the things you've pointed, like the "good idealist protagonist" ends doing more damage than benefit, but also because if I have the occasion and power, it's possible that I end doing similar things. The little Machiavelli I had inside, usually hidden (because I am a bit antisocial, but not a sociopath) could become dominant if I have the chance to materialize my vision for myself and the world. I could feel tempted to ignore some of the rights of other people (only if they are an hindrance). Not because I objectify them, or I think I deserve more than them, or whatever status comparison. Just because I do not believe in good/bad as "real concepts", and once I can... why not? Might is right, isn't that a gamma motto? Remember his final speech with Eli Vance about the things he has seen thanks to his position inside the opressing but extremely advanced Combine Administration.

    I liked HL2 a lot, but if you want philosophical games I recommend to you DeusEx series. The first one, athough too old, has the best story. Cyberpunk dystopia, conspirations.. The new precuel (DeusEx Revolution) is also quite good.

    I like villains not because they're bad, but because they're free. They follow their own vision of things (more frequently than protagonists, at least). I think Agent Smith summarized this quite well in the not-so-good Matrix sequel:

    ... purpose.
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    Why ESI now? What happened?

    I hardly can conceive you as such type. Is you are doubting about your ILIness, alternative options inside the NT club [except LII] could be more likely. Or even logical type in a broader sense, but most likely irrational.
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    Didn't work, no more posters have come. Anyway, I've answered your comment.
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    Very good and complete analysis you have made, thanks. I would like to comment a couple of things, but I'll wait a bit. A last poster different from the OP could help to get people's attention...
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    I'm curious about your opinion. Take a look when [and if] you have time:
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    I think the appolian/dionysian (i know that's spelled wrong but checking on my phone is a nightmare) stuff you talked about is really cool cuz I had those concepts in my head but no name for them and it will make it easier to talk about them now. you already said why you think our culture is in need of a more appolonian influence but i'm curious to hear more about your opinion. I tend to glorify baser things because they seem more honest.
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