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    Depending on what you understand as V.I. I agree. Implying that facial features correlate with personalities (like Marista does, for example) is pretty much phrenology and as you said, a joke. But there are non verbal manifestations like posture, gaze, projected mood, etc, that could help in stablishing types. As clues of course, they suggest but never determine.
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    I see. I googled "Soupman" and the results, including such logo, didn't seem to offer an explanation. I guess I was looking for something more complicated than what was required

    V.I. wise that man looks like an ESTj more than an actual ILI imo. Although people also say I V.I. as delta ST so...
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    Why using such logo as your avatar, if I may ask?
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    hi tbh I think I stopped changing the typing and find it unlikely for me to change it. I agree with everything you wrote about the theory being difficult to apply to a living human being. However I think on general terms it can be done, but it should be done through introspection, test results + contact with people known in real life + taking their opinions into account, cause forum interaction isn't a reliable indicator imo.
    P.S. I PMed you
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    Yeah it seems Gulenko had a very limited view on human nature if he thought he can lock up 16 types in 4 categories...
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    Haha ok, fair enough :-) and what's your type? I guess it's only fair if you tell me too :-)
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    Yes. Why are you asking?
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    But the engineering frat brothers I hang out with don't seem to think that way, at least.
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    -shrug- nothing ever said I didn't think about the interaction context. It's just that I wasn't asked about that. And no, the last thing I mentioned is definitely in part a sexist and ageist thing. It's assumed that young girls don't know jack shit about shit; that pretty girls especially had everything handed to them; and that promiscuous women are stupid. I have to go way out of my way to get taken seriously in many places because people imagine this discord between intelligence and sexuality.
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    "if she doesn't feel a connection with someone she won't care whether she doesn't get to see that person again even if they felt she was nice and she'd appeared to be very likeable towards the person"
    Absolutely. If there's no chemistry there, it doesn't matter whether they're likeable. Life's too short for that. I wouldn't go as far as "nobody knows me" though. Some people click with me and some people don't. Even then, people are just people. It sounds terrible, but it's very rare that I can't deal with losing a friend because there are always going to be others there. As for me being nice, I live in an unfortunate world where males presumptuously mistake me being nice for me wanting the D. So I had to stop doing that.

    "Sexual Threes want to be appreciated for their depth and intelligence too, but they fear that others are only interested in them for their attractiveness."
    Women exist in a strange place in men's minds. It's way more mind-blowing to people than it should be that a 19-year-old girl who looks like me is coherent and might be more knowledgeable than them.

    As for the rest of the stuff about being a SX 3: it's a constant struggle between "maybe if I was a little prettier, a little more ____, a little less ____, I wouldn't have been rejected," and "the sooner I can accept that I'll never be the ideal of attractiveness, the happier I can be." It's a stupid cycle, but it just hits really hard when one of the few people I fear will leave, leave.

    I don't know what type you are. That's not my call to make.
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