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    My current theory on why people find my "awkward" is sort of like how college students hate Barney. They're just not part of the target audience, hence why it seems clumsy or "awkward", when in reality I fit in quite naturally to groups and can very easily get people to laugh or get swept up in a current of enthusiasm or whatever.

    One thing you'll notice is other Alphas consistently type me as an Alpha SF. Why is it that that group is the only group that consistently thinks that? My theory is one explanation, but it could be a sign that they're the only group where my Fe HA goes over. It could even be something else altogether, like the fact that being an over-the-top eccentric is what I've been encouraged to be basically my whole life, because people eat it up and can't get enough. You can't deny it doesn't work.
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    Interesting. On the topic of possibilities, my understanding is that not only feels comfortable with possibilities, it needs them, and can't be "bound" or "tied down" to obligations or commitments, lest it lose its ability to pursue potential and the uncertain.

    This is not me.

    I honestly think my would fall in my DS, not my Creative. I feel quite happy binding myself, especially to a completely internally consistent standard (I'm currently trying to reconcile my spiritual beliefs with my approach to general knowledge; being internally inconsistent really bothers me). I've heard LIIs call their version their "theory of everything". I understand creative as being more loose and freeform than a Core Driving Motive, much like how I think 's sense of potential can be functional to a degree (how else do you motivate yourself, except with imagination?), and also good fun in of itself.

    I can't really find fault with how you understand the IMs though. Certainly if you were to just look at my posts ILE would be a reasonable conclusion. IMO anyone who's been in the game of Socionics, especially debating Socionics in a public forum, is going to start reflecting and .
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    "Yes, you strike me as ILE to the core, there is much and in your posts."

    I hear this a lot, and I think it comes from a shallow understanding of what and actually are.

    I'm not going to presume to know what you think though, so let's talk IMs. What do you see as being, what do you see as being? I'm just going to straight up say that I don't think being able to reason logically or produce an argument is the exclusive domain of , else I'm sure the majority of the highly intelligent users on this forum would be egos.
  4. Hey I replied to your blog comment.
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    I like the quote in your signature.
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    I like your avatar.
  7. Went with IEE, did you? I think it probably fits better.
  8. By chance, have you read Jung's original descriptions of the functions?

    You will want to look at Ne and Ni, and also Fi and Te (even though both ILI and IEE values TeFi, the one you relate to more is more likely your creative function).
  9. Yes, it is more difficult to type. I have been researching Socionics for over six months, and I am currently on xLI. IP temperament, and TeFi valuing. That is what I know. Whereas, in MBTI, I took the test, read a few descriptions, and immediately knew I was INTP. Ah, such is life. Little is simple.
  10. I honestly couldn't answer that myself, as my behaviour also fluctuates depending on whether I am in private or in public. If you are solely between IEE and ILI, than just determine whether you value Ni/Se or Ne/Si. Which is what I am also trying to find out...

    I don't think Socionics is intended to be used to type people based on how they act anywhere, period. Socionics, or "type of information metabolism," is more about cognition and information processing rather than behaviouristic reductions like MBTI.
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