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    Games made by this guy are simply good, example Fallout 2 and Kotor 2, Fallout: New Vegas:
  2. It is:
    Psychological Types: Why Are People So Different?: 64 Portraits in Socionics. How each of the 16 Jungian types varies in 4 main ways
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    Can you link the title of Gulenko's book to me? I want to see if i can find it in digital format.
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    That makes a lot of sense. Thank you for explaining that!
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    I think I’ll just settle on hybrid, but maybe once I finish Gulenko and Filatova’s books I will have a totally different perspective. Nice video btw. You almost seem SLI, not wishful thinking, just my impression of some SLI, I feel like because LSI is beta they can still seem a little more... mmmm expressive? Maybe I’m way off though and have had LSI wrong all along
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    I’ve been reading Gulenko’s book and it does seem I am an likely an irrational. I’m also expressive and animated and not physically weak. I got pissy at some higher ups at work yesterday sooooooo yeah not sure about EII lol.
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    Thank you for your input. I do have a shorter fuse in closer quarters. However I am also high-strung. I just had a lengthy VC call in which IEE vs. EII was being debated. I actually scored LII on the World Socionics test LOL, which I think is probably a stronger indicator of EII. I guess it's still up in there air for me, I feel I lie somewhere i between in a way, but I will get to the bottom of this, thank you for your input! What about my VI indicated more EII than IEE to you?
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    Oh well, hey! You have a face! So, I do think Si activity overall probably fits better than seeking (though there is at least one point in the seeking description that fits), but I seem to use Se better and be "tougher" like you described than other EII. What says you to this?

    BTW I have a gallery now on my page, an album, for VI purposes. Thanks for all your help/comments : D
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    Have you seen the movie "Drive" with Ryan Gosling? The thread says he's SLI. I was married to an SLI for 16 years and I'm having trouble seeing the character as SLI. I could be wrong because I can't see my ex as being that reactive or impulsive.
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    I liked it. And you're right, good background music, which I'm always looking for. My mind needs it.
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