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    Your new avatar is really cool.
  2. I may have found something that may help you with your type.
    I'll post it when the live chat is done k? Otherwise its live now:
    Based on what they said be4, also your HSP and Te seeking, imo EII is probable.
  3. Sry, i keep editing the post as I gather more info, the gist of it is this: basically strong and undervalued Ne.. <== thats what you and I, we have in common.
  4. Hi, I would like to recommend Jack:
    He seems to know his stuff and its probable he can type you accurately.
  5. <_< i get "upset" vibes from you. It wasn't my intention to hurt your feelings or be an asshole. I apologize if I did.
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    Hi, thegreenfaerie.
    Thanks for your kind words about my posts. I enjoy reading your posts, too, and I also find them very educational.
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    sure yeah! first album 2018
  8. Hi, sorry to take so long to reply. I was practically absent last few weeks. I think you should not take so deeply when ppl speak about types/typology in here what they comment on your type etc. Its not like this site is full of socionics masters or anything. This is just a forum for ppl to comment on those topics. Its actually better to try to construct your own understanding (real one) based in information and real life experience than about what ppl could say in here. There are ppl who knows and ppl who doesn't and each one have an opinion and it could be misleading. There's nothing written beyond what's written, right now its like the middle age of socionics its rather confusing and dark and most ppl is not very keen to read or investigate much. Plus, there is no single source, there are a lot of authors and each one can help ppl to construct a wider understanding of each type. I don't have a single soruce there's literally a long list of pages in russian that I've read over time (and keep reading) through automatic translation. have a lot of translated material from different authors so that a good start. Reading Jung is basic imo, to understand each element in a primary way. But probably one needs to read the same descriptions over and over because his way of writing was convoluted, also I dislike he describes types with elements he didn't valued in negative light. He lacked objectivity, though, he still being a good source to understand the roots of types, elements and socionics. I think the problems most ppl face to find their type is actually lack of information and lack of consistency. People who scores often different types in tests is probably because they respond based in their mood and not in their actual real consistent behavior and preferences. Sometimes ppl also respond based in how they perceive themselves or how they'd like to be (idealization) instead of what they really do (real preference). And finally, ppl also lack info, so they need to go to read more descriptions and understand how informational process works. It really requires some time/effort and not everybody is willing to do it ofc. Its optional, but I also think that going deeper in socionics as other activities should be motivated by interest and pleasure more than pain and rigour. So far, what worked for me is to observe patterns from ppl with consistent test results (I mean like your own results and others ppls, I tested ppl around me), read socionics theory (type profiles that are descriptions of information processing of types and theory texts), read psychology (understand the psyche model of Freud -ego,super ego and id where socionics took model A from) and read some Jung. I guess each person/type could have their own method of learning depending in their individual strengths.

    I probably be out the next weeks too in case you reply, so take care.
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    Yes, I was expecting some SLI typings and I can see why based on that video. It's not called lookalike without a reason. The telling difference is that SLI are more consistently inexpressive and respond poorly to Fe prodding, maybe becoming more lively in response to Ne. With Ti-leads being inexpressive but "coming to life" when prodded with Fe.
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    Yeah, IEE is definitely possible. Getting pissy at higher ups is not at all impossible for EII if they feel their values are violated. But IEE would do this much more readily and habitually, sure.
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MBTI- INFP, Enneagram- 4 mb 469, Primary Temperament- Melancholic. No doubt in my mind now for delta NF, time will tell which one. It's funny how different groups of people pick up on different things. I will say that EII probability is due to way more than just social introversion (of my whole life). It has to do with being quite guarded in person, reserving emotions for only the people I am closest with (the internet/text is a really poor way to distinguish this in a person in my opinion), firmness where necessary, extreme idealism with romantic situations/not settling for less, not being that scattered and actually being fairly organized in my environment and work, tidiness, diligence, tension, perfectionism…to name some. I am taking the time to really carefully inspect the 2 types, speak with others, including those I know in my life in person. Delta trumps all quadras, NF trumps all groupings. Don’t have 4D Si and am way too serious for alpha, etc. I feel like I started off my life as more rational.

sx is in my primary stack
Music, Nature, Animals, Abnormal Pysch, Creating, Exploring, Outer Space, Different Cultures, Beauty
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