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    Ah thanks, you gave me Bunny!!
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    Wtf is up with the American military ad lol. And nah don't think I'll join, got too much other shit going on. In another life maybe I would have. Come to Europe, we should have a meetup some day.
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    I feel fine other than vomiting up my antibiotic this morning. It doesn't say take with food on the bottle, but I guess I should lol
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    I wasn't aware I'd received any!
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    It is common in these times to side with and promote what is evil, wrong and ugly. Because it is associated with the evil one, who has some power over some places and people, and often in these times, those with in positions of power and prestige. Well, not for much longer. Soon that weak one who runs in terror in the presence of blessed water and plastic rosary beads will be cast down, and the Real Power will show Himself in such a way that no one will escape knowing where the real power is. And then, those who yet still choose to remain worshipping the devil will be quite lonely, with no audience for their crazy rants.
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    Well I am not seeing "rival" either, just as someone I choose to ignore. As to the silly truth comment, this is an "opposite" person. Whatever is the opposite of truth, such is his position. He is consistent with that to the EXTREME. So, yeah, that's the way it is. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Ah, I see about the name. Okay, I won't call you "Woman"! LOL. Yes, such a long experience like I explained makes one very cautious. And that other poster freaked me out.

    Yes, that is the other person. I niavely assumed, like I naturally tend to, that he had good will, so I spent WAY too much time interacting with him here. when I finally after too long WOKE UP and saw how consistently HORRIBLE he was in every single conversation about my faith, I realized that was the only reason he engaged - to make his hateful comments about God and my faith and about other believers. How deeply disrespectful and insulting. But not only that, I was being an enabler, actively supporting his blaspheme by providing a platform for him to practice this ugliness. Making me a partner/cause in this blaspheme! Then it became clear: I know what a person without good will is, and it's definitely this. I should know to run from it. So I choose not to engage now, and ignoring really is best for me.
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    Frauen, you asked (relatively) recently about posting pics. I wanted to explain that in order to be as open about all my thoughts and feelings as I would like to be here, I remain anonymous, so that I cannot be traced. But I feel bad to not share pics when others do, so, i rarely visit the picture page since I can't participate.

    When my ex (my son's father) left, in order to win custody he made up lies with the goal of proving I was crazy - big twisted stories with made-up conclusions, steming from real things that actualy happened. It is simple to tell a lie (simple and natural for a Narcissist), but complicated, expensive, and time-consuming to explan to the court why those lies aren't true. That court battle of lies overwhelemd my life for at least a year, and cost years of income to pay for. That marked me to be always more cautious.

    I later doubled down on that need to be anonymous here when a poster here took an instant and intense dislike of me. partly becase I wrote a lot for a newbie, and she was an active poster at the time (not here now). I ignored the warning signs, holding my innate expectation that people are basically of good will, and blithely continued to write openly about things assuming she would see I was harmless and settle down. But she, along with my experiences with another person active here [one that I have on ignore for a different reason] finally drove home the lesson that some people just simply are not persons of good will, and are persons not adverse to acting out of real malice. At that time I was struggling as caregiver with my Mom's intensifying stages of Alzheimers. I expressed here how frustrating/overwhelming some recent episodes were, and this person wrote here that she was going to find out who I was and report me to my local police (or local governement agency). This person had mental health issues and a rough history, and I forgive, but it scared me, the possibility of havign to revisit combatting lies again, and now every time I think of posting a pic I remember that and caution wins.

    Oh, and I expect God to soon pour blessings and WEALTH out on us. So, if you still want adoptive parents then, let me know!
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    Never did military service no, but I have thought about it. My dad did military training and speaks highly of it. Did you ever do military service?
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