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  1. *drops an orchid at your feet*, *runs*
  2. How come you don't ever stop by the chatbox? Hmm, maybe you're very busy. Hope you are well.
  3. Hi . What do you mean when you say that your Si Polr is strengthening? And is that a good thing? I think my Se polr makes me particularly slow at reacting, i think, and at seizing opportunities/the moment (if I'm getting it right?), heh.
    Where I am at right now it doesn't get too hot over the summer, it is always a bit cool for the better part of the season. I almost wish it were hotter, like the places i spent my childhood in, but you can't have everything. Yes, i remember New York summers, and miss them too (tho not too much these days, missed them more some years back). Being by the water brings inner peace, even a sense of zen lol. Talk soon
  4. You are kind to entertain the conversation, thank you. I am enjoying summer, it's been beautiful so far. Do you have any fun plans to look forward to these months?
  5. This one time i dated a LIE, in college. He was disciplining me one day, emotionally and psychologically, and i said to him "sure, you say this and that and the other, though you're here today, but you'll be gone tomorrow." And he said " ya, i'll be gone tomorrow but i'm here today." Back then i was mostly taken aback by having found out that he planned to leave me, but today I think 'damn, the effrontery'. Lol, you know, of saying it that way. Anyhow. How are you?
  6. thank you.

  7. Be my friend.
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    hey, i think ppl here have some difficulty typing males coming from multi-active cultures (if you´re familiar with the term). They tend to be typed as F because they (we, i´m italian) have a tendency to be somewhat long-winded and emotional in writing. I think most of the members here are americans from the midwest so their ways of expressing themselves is a bit different.
  9. I am what I am (I don't feel that I am able to meaningfully type myself anymore, and I've seen how destructive Socionics can be when someone becomes a zealot about it).

    I think it is important to point out double standards if they are poisoning a community, and when such actions are downplayed as being atypical. But it is something I'd rather not do.
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