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    School started this week, so I won't have as much time to post. Hopefully we can discord some time.
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    I should have been nicer. How have you been?
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    Nothing. I just like poking you.
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    Thank you for your posts in the thread on 4s. You speak well to the type. I hope my posts are accurate to your experience too. I don't want to mislead anyone.
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    I'm loving your new Avatar <3 You just keep stylin'....
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    Yes, that is me Fe-ing. I hardly have control over it because it's not very conscious.

    *Laughs* Did you just shift communication styles a bit?

    It's really a mindfuck how much this:

    "Yes this seems right. I was a piece of shit who liked being the odd one out and taking contrarian positions. Very competitive. These days I am much more chill but also did start watching Jordan Peterson specifically to hear good arguments against my own opinions. And this sort of attitude is why my opinions change regularly (consistent putting them to test and fine tuning) and why I have new identities every few years haha. "

    sounds like something an IEE would say.

    "IEEs are predominantly motivated by their feelings of interest and boredom. They are attracted to novel ideas, unusual or peculiar goings-on in day-to day life, and new experiences. They may have a tendency to frequently engage themselves in novel life "projects," which can and often consist of novel concepts or fields of thought, new activities, and new lifestyles (this list is not all-inclusive). These types of projects often take the form of activities that are uncommon, concepts that are unknown or avocations that have not been done or tried before. Regardless of the nature of their interests, they often have a tendency to try to accumulate as much knowledge about the field as they can, and sometimes to improve the field by finding new ways of conceptually framing its basic principles (needs an example). Eventually, once there is nothing left to discover, or when they simply become bored, they will follow their curiosity and find a new topic of interest.


    IEEs, perhaps more than any other type, often have a tendency to seek out multiple perspectives and viewpoints on controversial matters. They are rarely tied down to any particular ideology and often have an implicit sense of faith that others are as intellectually open as they are. IEEs frequently have a innately optimistic disposition (despite how bleak they perceive the facts of any situation to be), and often earnestly believe in the value of a process of thorough, respectful, and politically correct discussion of controversial matters, and often that through a such due process of formal exposition of viewpoints, most reasonable people will come to a consensus as to the essential facts and truth of the debate."

    Yet, at the same time, we know you have strong Ni. Do you extravert your intuition often? Is it ever analogous to a spiderweb, branching out in various directions?
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    Yeah, from a denotative standpoint, I don't view it as an insult, either. The connotation implies that fighting for social justice is bad, which says more about whoever coined the term than anything.

    Back to EIE. Since DA then not positivist, not IEI or ESE. Fe and Ni valuing, therefore EIE. Yeah, now that I think about it, going into theology when you were a new atheist seems very Ni valuing in that you were placing yourself in an extreme circumstance by pitting yourself against opposing ideologies - no doubt a case in which you employed a lot of DA reasoning by viewing the subject matter from different angles.

    Tbh, I suspect that you've learned to frame your writing on internet platforms in a way that seems more Alpha-ish, probably because the EIE DA wasn't well received and you had to start framing things differently to cater to the audience. But yeah, in real time your DA is the classic circuitous Ni kind and I find it enjoyably thought-provoking.
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