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    Hi roger can you VI my cat pfp? That pic is so me
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    I see. Thank you for indulging me. Well, I will take that typing as a compliment then. But don't expect me to take it into consideration.
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    Alright. I will, just of curiosity.

    No worries. I didn't think much of it. Thank you anyway.

    I type myself as LII but you are free to type me anything you like. Mind sharing your own self typing?
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    I think it's unreliable. At least for me.
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    I don't know the 2 subtype system. But in DCNH I'm pretty sure positive he's Dominant. I could never get a good feel of his type from watching the show, but these more informal videos (very funny!) shows his talent as a comedian better imo. And his personality is more genuine. His assistent Sona is a normalizer. Anyway, from ESE I'd expect that direct Fe that is a part of who they are, but Conan just seems to be Ne randomness and inventiveness. I have a friend who is IEE and he has that talent also. Can basically talk about anything and improvise something funny.
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    Hi, I was going through your gallery again ... Another thing: I also see you have Conan O'brien as ESE. But that can't be true. He is Dominant subtype for sure, so that can give an ESE "feel" to him. But I'm pretty sure his type is IEE. That Ne inventiveness and ability to improvise. It becomes clearer when watching him in more informal settings.
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    I think his Fi is a subtype phenomenon. H subs always have an Fi air around them. I haven't observed MJ recently, I'm just going with EIE now, because it makes the most sense to me. His dancing and performances seem too Fe to come from an EII. And I know for a fact that EIE can have superb dancing skills. All that sense of timing and flow of movements in time. For comparison: If we stay within the same dcnh subtype, H, there are performers I type EII, such as Swedish rock star Yohio. But he seems different from MJ and is not a good dancer. His Fi also seems very genuine, but it takes time to observe that.
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    Hi. It's interesting to check your type gallery. I agree with some of them. But I think you are wrong about Michael Jackson as SEI. In my opinion he is EIE Harmonizing. SEIs are not talented performers and dancers the way MJ is. SEIs can be "cute" and "charming" performers like Björk (if she is SEI). MJ has that rational control of his expression and movement. SEIs are more clumsy. I also know from experience that EIE, and Ni creatives, tend to be good dancers.
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    You make some random threads.
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    You know the famous people section is about typing people and not weird pictures of things, right? xD
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