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    Thanks! <3
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    Hey. I think I owe you another apology. I should have used a different tone in the typing thread and I'm sorry I didn't.
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    That's ok. Sorry for bothering you. Have a good one.
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    I usually don't display Se on the internet, but after I read silke's post, mobilizing Ni kicked in and I started to see things from a more narrow POV. This isn't new for me; Beta NFs tend to have this effect on me where I see things from a new angle and become compelled.

    Concerning leading: I think I get anxious about others taking the lead, but I hadn't really thought about it before. I'm usually kind of reserved until I know that I like someone, at which point I show interest. I'm really incompetent in some ways - I lack conscientiousness, so the LSI description sounded really off when I read it. But when I was younger, I was more conscientious, and I threw temper tantrums when my family (repeatedly) took me to places not on time. Part of it is also ADD. So some of my blindspots seem sensing related, but I can also become resentful if someone takes the lead for me in these areas.

    Overall, this is kind of shitty because it means I've been stuck in my PoLR for most of my adult life, which explains why I haven't gotten as much done. It also shows an extreme lack of self awareness on my part. I do appreciate your words, though.

    So, when you felt cramped, how did you respond psychologically or behaviorally? I'm wondering if my response to you was too much Ti.

    I get where you're dad's coming from, in a way. Even in terms of typology, I tend to aggregate the system in a way where the types start to look less differentiated. But I feel like I could have more insight - not sure. He sounds like he's proud of you.

    So, you said that you felt a pull towards Alice in Wonderland that seemed subconscious. Do you regularly feel like about things? Like your trip to Sedona... Did you have a pull towards that? The symbolism in astrology... why is personal growth important to you? Do you have a subconscious pull toward astrology? What about to certain people, like me?

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    I'll get back to this tomorrow. In the mean time, I just had a thought - what if this is semiduality? How are you with your dad? What subtype is he?

    Have a good night, Xaiviay.
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    irllol. Objectively, that's pretty funny. Thanks for clarifying.

    I mean, some, I think. But not intensively and frankly I don't think it clicked as well. It would be pretty funny if, all things considered, that means I'm SLE - but that would mean you're IEI and so forth. Who knows? Maybe if I identified one in real life, it would pan out better. I'm ass at typing people because it's not mapped to anything immediately evident, so good luck with that. Maybe if I made some more ass typings in the thread, I would learn from more mistakes.

    In any case, you'd think that you could evaluate all online interaction on the same basis - you know?

    Since everything's up in the ether here, it's difficult to parse out fact from what you just want to believe. I do like you, though.

    Why do you ask? Are you pushing in that direction? Still trying to figure things out?
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    Your analysis of the video seems insightful; you payed more attention to the details than I did, lol.

    I think I've heard that Enigma song; it's good. And I found the Goldfrapp song very enjoyable.

    I haven't read anything by Dostoevsky from front to back, though I should. I mostly just know about him from a literature / cultural viewpoint.
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    Lol. I'm glad you liked the meditation.

    Same. I don't follow in particular belief system exactly, but I think Buddhism and Taoism are the most logical options. They also have practical utility.

    What kinds of experiences have you had?

    I agree about Lateralus, obviously lol.

    You're welcome about the complements.

    Cool business model. I'd say that the best ways to advertise tend to involve doing something outrageous, lol. Maybe pay websites to host ads that have swear words or something that pushes the limits of what's acceptable. Haha. But basic logos and graphics are also important, especially if the business runs on a website and e-commerce.

    I do think there's a relationship between Ti and Fe. They feed into each other. Ti concerns finding the best word or concept, and in the context of the "mood" of a room, as Fe would have it, choosing the right word means a lot. And Ti also means everything in terms of classifying the emotions of others. And I agree that we can decide to feel differently based on the logic of the situation, and feeling differently can help us persuade others, communicate, etc.

    My school is going alright. I need to focus more, but fortunately my work load is pretty light this semester. Not too much to worry about.

    For my birthday, my family took me to this place called Pizzeria Bianco. The primary location is in Tuscon, but I went to one of the chains in Phoenix. Some of the best pizza I've ever had. I recommend it if you're in the area; in 2015 a reviewer claimed the Tuscon location had the best pizza in the nation.

    Spirited Away is awesome. Yes, I like Iron Man. He represents responsibility and innovation to me. I've never seen Black Butler. I asked if you've read my posts because I'm gauging how much attention you're paying to me and because I got a feeling, lol.
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    Thank you, take your time and good luck with the business matters.
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