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    I could PM but the wall is too public

    And re. the mirroring... I saw someone else who I think was mentioning this against me indirectly a while back....

    For me it's like contagious laughter in terms of if you see me mirroring emojis or something like that.... When other ppl laugh It can often make me laugh by default.... same with happiness or sadness, so that is part of that.... but I wouldn't try to deceive, and I have noticed just a little bit of what I would call suspicious stuff..... but maybe it is innocent.... not sure though....

    Yeah I mean you definitely are more confident than I can be in sharing this stuff.... but females share more anyway, so that might affect it?
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    Oooo yeah it depends on the situation for the photos.... I think it would be better to VI you from a friend taking your photo maybe, rather than a serious work place

    What about just trying to VI your gaze or something? I got VI'd by congnitive type if you have heard of them? they VI'd me ENFP.... so that's interesting, but I'm pretty sure I don't have TI polr lol
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    Yeah I wouldn't generally share stuff on here, apart from to briefly mention that I had a GF lol.... def wouldn't share public.... not even on your (public) wall lol

    What do you think of the FI polr description? I relate word for word....

    Yeah you're letting someone know that you do actually like them, incase they take your words badly.... I think I could do that too.....

    I think a lot of ppl in general might see me as being intrusive sometimes, but most ppl won't say anything..... especially as I'm only doing in a friendly way.....

    Yeah the thing is aswell, its so hard to know how everyone else deals with FI if they are doing stuff privately, like in romance, you're not going to know.... it's not like someone obviously getting triggered with SE or TE in public
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    Hopefully the Se guy sees that one, otherwise i'll reply..... have you tried to VI yourself?
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    Also don't be surprised if some ppl are playing up to descriptions regarding NE
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    What happens if you make mistakes with FI, and get it wrong with regards to your closeness to someone? even just regular ppl...

    I'll compare my FI to AdamS, I'm sure he won't mind....

    He has FI suggestive (non painful), and happily tells everyone one on here about his mistakes in relations..... I could never do this, because mistakes are painful for me.... I could never be as bold as him, and need to be a lot more careful due to this.... You see some people on here are so happy to publicly share their interests in other ppl?? FI polrs are not going to do this lol..... not ILE anyway.....

    Yeah testing could be polr... it depends on the risk involved.... if the testing takes out risks of taking a hit to the polr then i guess that makes sense.... I'm just more wary than that, to even 'play a game' but it could be just me....
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    You do seem to have better FI than me lol..... I really do get triggered by my polr

    I don't mind being SLE either though.....

    Yeah, so that SE polr description seems to be a rejection of the Aristocratic dichotomy.... but i guess if its polr than I can easily see it triggering someone enough to lash out, unexpectedly to others!

    So this Se lead description below... the part about not letting others make decisions, kinda seems like rejection of Aristocratic aswell....

    "He wants to make all decisions himself about what he will do, wear, eat, look like, etc., and resents any attempts by others to make these decisions for him. However, he is willing to make use of other peoples' ideas, advice, and creativity, as long as he plays the most visible role. He enjoys testing his will in challenging situations and views life as a sort of obstacle course, full of adversity and challenges, that must be weathered and conquered. As you can see person can fit themselves according to their perception."

    The testing/obstacle course could be SE or maybe NE creativity....depending on how you escaped from the challenges I guess... but yeah, its hard unless you compare to what other ppl are doing I guess.... And It's hard to know what other ppl are doing.... SE leads don't seem to be so creative in terms of thinking from my POV, but I could be bias/wrong..... also they seem to very much care abut image/reputation....

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    Here's the TI part of the description... The ILE that everyone thinks of seems to have zero TI....

    ILEs are obsessed with how things work, and how they will work together. Understanding how something works is merely the baseline for the ILE. When the ILE finds something new or interesting he thinks about how it could be used in conjunction with other objects he has come into contact with in the past.The ILE will freely voice comments on whether a rule (especially one imposed on him by society) makes sense to him. If it does not, he will break the rule or find a creative way of mocking it to express his dissent, rather than working within the system itself to change the rule. Unlike a Ti-leading type, he will often not replace the rule with one of his own.The ILE is not afraid of discussing and arguing his views, and may appear to take them more seriously than he actually does. The ILE only makes use of structural frameworks if he can see some kind of intuitive relevance in them, e.g. to make sense of and solve a problem he is interested in. Thus his thoughts may often appear unstructured. Especially if his actions affect others, the ILE will make sure that they are logically consistent and fair.
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    So you don't agree with the below??

    "The ILE is a creative thinker, and enjoys discussing his often unusual perspectives with others. These will often be expressed through unique and strange (but effective) analogies.

    The ILE is constantly aware of the possibilities inherent in social, natural or other systems, and of the areas with the greatest potential within them.The ILE operates by using Extroverted Intuition to attune themselves to the multiple variables continually being expressed within the environment and proceeds to elucidate feasible connections and boundaries of context in order to change the way one perceives that which is operating below the surface of either everyday life or more dynamic technical arenas. To An ILE, the world is a vast network of stars with infinitely interchangeable constellations emerging from the open-ended framework. Extroverted Intuition as a leading function pushes with white-hot intensity the active rearranging of the lego-blocks of reality; not necessarily with any intention towards construction or creativity, but with the ultimate goal of introducing novelty and fresh perspectives. Combined with Introverted Thinking as a secondary function, Extroverted Intuition finds compatible yet more disciplined, objective thinking to harness its irrational, unruled nature into a potentially functional talent. The ILE is typically a "big picture" kind of person, and tends to speak in generalizations about both people and things, omitting any details he deems mundane or uninteresting. He is acutely aware of what interests and what bores him. This leads him to always search for novelty and surprising things. At any given moment, the ILE usually has a number of projects and/or skills that he is working on developing, and stays with these interests as long as he feels they have potential for growth. The ILE gets bored easily with rote tasks that do involve lots of repetition and little innovation, although he tolerates them if they are necessary to succeed in society."
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    Yeah that could either mean that you are ILE TI, and I'm ILE NE (definitely possible)

    Or that I'm ILE and you are LII.... with you having better FI (it seems so) and better TI (hence system building) I don't build systems, but I use systems to solve problems.....

    This is why I asked you about "build the maze or escape the maze".... I would expect TI to build the maze, and NE to escape it, since the formation of the maze is TI, whilst NE observes potential in it's environment to find a way out.....

    I completely relate to this bit of NE, with out the dramatics of "white hot intensity" lol....

    "Extroverted Intuition as a leading function pushes with white-hot intensity the active rearranging of the lego-blocks of reality; not necessarily with any intention towards construction or creativity, but with the ultimate goal of introducing novelty and fresh perspectives."

    (ILE description from

    You might see me doing this on here when e.g. with my jokey type posts, either with visuals, or playing around with words... or my DJing, which I combine and play with different sounds to create something else.... or using potentials to explain things, such as the maze thing above.... I can see how things can be combined to create new things, and I can often see see a positive side/opportunity to negative things..... I don't think about unrealistic things, though I don't see why someone with NE as their main function would..... your main function should be productive to society otherwise the 'system' would be flawed IMO
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