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  1. Hey, what's up with the username change? Have you finally decided you're an infantile type?
  2. I'll be starting classes next week too. Maybe we can play on some weekends or evenings when classwork is lighter for the week.
  3. Hey, I got the impression the CKII thing was a kind of group event, so I apologize for not being very available lately. If you and the others want I can try to schedule a time to play. With school having started though it’s just been difficult to find the time — I’m too often busy with homework and such to invest several hours into a slow-paced game like it, especially if only certain days work for you guys.

    Also, I can give the save we were using to you guys if you want. I apologize again.
  4. Lol. I have a similar playtime, though less is logged since I only legally bought the game a few months ago (shh!). I never had the patience to try a horse campaign in the vein of having every barony, county, and so on ruled by horses — the amount of micromanaging for that would drive me insane. It’s also the reason I’ve never bothered to actually complete a world conquest: by that point that I control a continent, there’s no real. threat or difficulty anymore, I feel, and so fighting wars over and over and granting titles just becomes mind-numbingly repetitive.
  5. I always prefer cooperative.
    Also I have 2596 hours logged on the game and my last game had the most of Europe ruled by horses.
  6. No problem! Would you prefer, for future reference, for the game to be competitive, co-operative, or each just doing their own thing?
  7. Sure! I've played 2-player CK2 with other forumites. (I think ouronis is the only one still active.) And I'm not one to turn down a game of CK2.
    But it would work out better if I have my computer running first. So I can let you know when that happens.
  8. I saw that you like to play CKII in the chatbox. Would you ever be interested in playing multiplayer together? CKII multiplayer seems appealing, but I’ve never found anyone to play it with.
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