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  1. I think of you sometimes, and the few feminism related posts you used to post, lol. Most recently i thought of you fleetingly because my boss, who owns an art gallery, talked to me about presenting myself a certain way because, in her words, women in arts are looked down upon because they are thought of as just doing smth they kinda like, aka art. She has a point, of course. Anyway, i thought of you, fleetingly. Hope you are recovering well, too.
  2. Happy Birthday Doll!
  3. Hi (:
  4. Hello :-)
  5. happy bday
  6. Let's join efforts to convince Hitta to dish us on Vedic
  7. I miss you posting.
  8. Senpai Day presents

    Here's the little blurb on the video installation:
    ""Sunsets" (2012), by American artist Lisa Tan, combines literature and various historical and personal references to materially explore the intricate relationship between language, image and experience. The video, filmed on the threshold between night and day, unfolds like a conversations. Seemingly inconsequential things pop up and take hold: a phone call interrupts, the sun starts to set, a stranger asks a questions, translations are needed. The work narrates Tan's engagement with enigmatic writers, with histories, technologies and geographies that she knows, in order to mediate those that she doesn't."
  9. She was described as an 'enigmatic writer' I had to secretly log in to write this and wanted to give you a passage of what it was about but this forum feels a bit too inflamatory for me just now lol so maybe i'll sneak in another time gallery pamphlet in hand
  10. Clarice Lispector, who was a complete unknown to me until you brought her up
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