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  1. I will respond in full tomorrow. Like your classmate, I've been lazy (procrastinating), and need to complete some things before it gets too late.

    Have a good night.
  2. Haha yeah when I was in my first year, I was really close to this ILE. He always had a ton of ideas. I actually did my final year project with him. Each week he would have a new original idea. I have no clue how he did it lol. But man, was he lazy. I practically did all the work

    I'm always surprised by how kind and helpful ILEs are. Lol in my first year, I actually had a crush on this guy and I wrote about it in my journal. My roommate snooped and found it. I hadn't mentioned him by name so she kept pestering me asking me who it was. Then I named another guy (LSE I think), because I didn't want my friendship with the ILE to be ruined, plus he had a girlfriend at that time too. And then the rumor spread that I liked the LSE. This ILE became so determined to hook us up, he went so far as to become friends with this other guy and find out about his interests and stuff. Lol I remember, he used to text me different opening lines to get me started with talking to him xD. He would be like "Just pick one and send it to him." Honestly though, I never had a friend like him. But we fell out and I'm not sure why. I guess we didn't have a lot of similar interests and I kept following him around. After my feelings for him went away, I kind of stopped doing that.

    But in my final year, for whatever reason, I ended up talking to him and it was just so easy. At the time I was in an abusive relationship and I hadn't told anybody. I was able to just tell him everything and he gave me some pretty sobering advice. I'm sure if I ran into him again, we could talk to each other like we were best friends. My impression of dual relationships is that the ethical type has to sort of keep things going.

    Actually come to think of it, this girl I was friends with was probably ILE too, she was weird in a totally different way. She would tell me stories of all the adventures she had been on and some of them really seemed too weird to be true... I hadn't really thought about it. Just about all ILEs I know are guys so I don't have a good comparison.
  3. You're looking to be an engineer, so you'll probably find that ILE is very complimentary to that kind of thinking.
  4. You may also feel that you're practically reading their mind without much effort. Sometimes if you spend enough time with most individuals, it will start to seem that way, but duality is different in that it doesn't take much effort at all, especially if you're mentally healthy.
  5. Cool cool.

    I think when you're with your dual, you get a special sense that they're your equal, and that what was once weak for you is getting stronger. You may feel like you've known the other person all your life, or that they have the same origin as you. If you feel that with your bf, I'm happy for you.

    Yes, SEIs are everywhere, so I don't have much to worry about, lol.
  6. Yeah, one of my best friends from college is IEE. Also there's an ILE in the classes I'm attending. And tho I'm not sure, I think my boyfriend is also ILE.

    I bet SEIs are everywhere tho?
  7. Do you know any ILEs or Ne leads IRL?
  8. Yes, I've seen him on the REACT channel. Pretty sure he's ILE, lol.

    Also, is jacksfilms an ILE? I have him as alpha extrovert. Have you seen his videos?
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