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  1. Hi, you have not been around much recently. I hope you are well.
  2. Hi Maritsa, that's a good point. I don't know why things untrue would circulate, i can think of my actions and words maybe having been misinterpreted by others. Hm, usually if someone gets the wrong idea about me i don't usually correct them, and that's probably a fault of mine that maybe i need to work on.
  3. It would make me wonder why inaccurate data about me was circulating. That’s all. If it was serious like I had done something morally wrong like I had slept with someone I didn’t then I go back to my feelings Fi.
  4. Hello, how are you? Do you think this is related to Se Polr (or is it just a personal idiosyncrasy): Like sometimes i've been 'informed' in the course of a conversation that i hold a position that i don't actually hold (let's say the interlocutor thinks i hate bees, w/e lol), and i have felt like the statement had been so in-your-face that i like had no will to correct them that that is actually not what I believe (re: bees for instance, lol). I thought it might be related to Se polr...what do you think?
  5. Is that the baby in your pic, Maritsa? She looks so sweet and comfortably plump :-)
  6. whatever you're comfortable with
  7. Hello, i am well, been a bit too busy maybe, but well. Thanks for asking . Do you think I should put up a photograph of myself on my profile page too?
  8. Thank you Delilah how have you been?
  9. Nice profile pic, Maritsa.
  10. I'm good Delilah how are you? I'm just keeping busy with baby. She requires a lot of attention
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