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  1. Yes, I've seen it. Loved the movie, the Driver was definitely my kind of action hero. A case could be made for both ISTx types, but I think he's LSI. I agree that LSI (at least Se subtype) is more impulsive than most SLI seem to be. Both are probably as capable of violence but LSI might have less inhibitions, especially if it's about vengeance. And I suppose both can have that strong protective instinct and social awkwardness.. and for sure the passion for driving and working on cars.
  2. Have you seen the movie "Drive" with Ryan Gosling? The thread says he's SLI. I was married to an SLI for 16 years and I'm having trouble seeing the character as SLI. I could be wrong because I can't see my ex as being that reactive or impulsive.
  3. Yeah, I listen to music for hours every day while doing other stuff. Though when concentrating hard I usually need to turn it off or have something geometric and instrumental like Carbon Based Lifeforms
  4. I liked it. And you're right, good background music, which I'm always looking for. My mind needs it.
  5. And that is of course geoblocked in Sweden. But I can see the title so it is probably the right stuff. Not everyone seems to like their droning mechanical style and growling. What did you think?
  6. Either of the songs will give a good idea what it’s about. They’re very consistent in style.. The Tolkien-based lyrics are difficult to hear but are interesting to read.
  7. There could be, but I wouldn't know if it's exactly the same but I'll try.
  8. Damn geoblocking crap.. Well, it was just some Summoning songs. Silvertine and Old Mornings Dawn (they're kinda similar and repetitive like all Summoning stuff, good for background ambience).
    Maybe there are other videos of them on Youtube that aren't geoblocked?
  9. The Middle-Earth videos are blocked in USA.
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