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  1. Hey FDG, and you're right, of course. The most amateur typists fail to consider the role one's culture (a major aspect of their persona) plays in how their type manifests and presents to others. I'm Swedish born, for fuck's sake--there is hardly ever a time in that country (or anywhere in the North) where I'm not the obvious loud, talkative, "emotional" (particularly as it concerns anger), stereotypical "Latin" type when compared to other Northern Europeans. In Brazil, heated and impassioned confrontation = love, affection and respect and when there among them, I'm seen as too "heady," milquetoast and "watered down." lol And people like Sol's ass were most likely forged in snow and ice and so what won't look like hyper-emotionality from that skewed lens?
  2. hey, i think ppl here have some difficulty typing males coming from multi-active cultures (if you´re familiar with the term). They tend to be typed as F because they (we, i´m italian) have a tendency to be somewhat long-winded and emotional in writing. I think most of the members here are americans from the midwest so their ways of expressing themselves is a bit different.
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