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  1. cool, you're probably smarter than most of us wrt socionics/enneagram typings. the obsession sure isn't getting me anywhere.

    I used to be an Alakazam fan back in the days of Pokemon Blue, good times. also kinda liked exeggutor's plant/psychic combo type, but never really got him to a high level. didn't play much past Blue though.
  2. Honestly, I have no clue about enneagram or socionics anymore (since it mostly seems like a way to attack people) and just put a type that seemed reasonable (since I don't enjoy being attacked.) My top Pokémon Go party has Alakazam, Ivysaur, Houndoom, Exeggutor, Espeon, and Slowking so mostly psychic. I definitely need to evolve Ivysaur and I'd replace Slowking with Mewtwo but don't have a Mewtwo or a Mew yet. Typing as a Pokémon type shouldn't be easier this much easier than typing as a human type.
  3. so uhm what kinda pokemon are you. I mean you have a type right? is it a secret? is E1 all we get to know? not a lot to go on?

    I was intrigued by some of the stuff you wrote in random thoughts and curious what kind of mind spawned it.
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