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  1. I did, i started out with exact sciences and economics, then shifted to humanities and arts. Today i was contemplating on how best to quit at current workplace and am worried this is not a good time for my boss (and everyone i know says it is folly of me to worry as sure this is not a good time for me to get a less than ideal deal from my current boss, heh). How did you stumble into socionics? Talk soon
  2. My day was fine; what about yours? And I have. I’m dual-majoring in history and classical language.

    Did you attend uni? If so, what was your major?
  3. Hello, how was your day? My decision is work-related, but hope you don't mind me skipping the full details (it's convoluted, and boring, lol)...Are you at the stage in your college career where you have declared a major yet? Talk soon and have a nice rest of the day
  4. Sorry for the late reply in the chatbox; I got distracted. Yes, I'm in college now (or will be again in a week or so when the school year starts back up). I'm just generally worried about what I'm doing with my life. Thank you for asking, again. Was the large decision you made recently switching jobs?
  5. FP, thanks for your thoughts. You are quite welcome to share your comments on my recent "What subtype" thread, if you will. If you just wanted me to keep your observations in mind, please know that i read them - yes, they do make me wonder, even if i do find the EII to be the better fitting Thank you.
  6. Hey Delilah.

    I didnít want to derail the thread you made with discussions about your type. But for what itís worth I think youíre either SEI or ESI. If youíre pretty certain youíre Fi ego Iíd say ESI, but something in your writing style reminds me of my SEI girlfriendís when sheís trying to give a serious impression ó could be nothing. Also possible perhaps is a Delta T type. SLI seems unlikely, but LSE might work if it particularly resonates. Unfortunately I donít know you well enough to suggest a more precise typing.

    I donít think typing by dichotomies is very much liked, but Iíll eat my foot if you arenít an S type. Youíre very refreshingly down-to-earth in a way that intuitives simply arenít. From a few comments youíve made in chat, Iím especially sure you arenít a Ne ego.

    I donít recall what thread of yours I mentioned earlier that I might have been thinking of, assuming I didnít just make it up ó I havenít been reading all the way through your entire typing threads, so theyíre kind of a blur, honestly. Those typing threads seem to have a tendency to devolve into people flinging poop at each other in the comments, and as I have half of them blocked, I tend to just stop reading at a point.

    Anyway, if you like you can point me to an appropriate thread, and we can talk it over there if youíd like? I completely understand if youíd rather not.
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