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  1. smilex is lse
  2. cute new picture!
  3. Thank you Sky. Your picture is beautiful as well : )
  4. Lovely picture!!!!!! Also sol oh sol. He gives me a headache but he doesn’t have to give you one
  5. God help me. Some forum people get under my skin and they know how
  6. I like the EII description that Beskova wrote too. It’s very accurate to me
  7. Wow. Why didn’t I read the Beskova definition for IEE before. Aside from the being a bundle of optimism (which I attribute to being enneagram 4), the IEE description from her was pretty spot on, except maybe also angular movements too lol (though I do often walk quickly)! Thanks for sharing Beskova on Voider’s questionnaire, it ended up helping me in further solidifying my typing too!
  8. Hmm, I don't have a great answer for that and will have to give it some thought (I'm still fairly new to this and have a lot to figure out about all of the types), but I will say I feel the greatest spiritual connection in nature and love it very much. Maybe it's connected to delta NF too or just NF in general. I think the calm and serenity, sense of peace it provides could be part of it for delta NF... maybe something to do with a sense of balance found in nature?

    I do think many types can feel connected to and appreciate nature for potentially different reasons ofc
  9. Why do you think EII have such a feeling when out in nature? Is it somehow connected to how we feel about God? Explain more
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