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  1. Sweet. I can do zoom, skype, Marco Polo. Anything works for me!
  2. Let's do it. How do you wanna do video conversation? If I it turns out that I can't type you then maybe you have some opinion on my type.
  3. Thank you for the info! I'm not sure why I don't get notifications for visitor messages, oh well. If you are ever bored and want to help type me, I'd be more than glad to do some live chats/videos. Only if you're REALLY BORED of course Thanks again for the info!
  4. Hi, well Gulenko's typings should be pretty reliable. Have you checked out his website Humanitarian Socionics? He also has material on facebook of people who attend his courses and get typed. I think he is a good source for "confirmed" typings. Of course there can always be mistakes but he should be pretty reliable. The videos I recently posted are of people I know myself, so I have typed them irl. Some of them I have spent a lot of time with (turns out lots of people I've met are on youtube) I prefer it that way because a) there is always a risk for mistakes when typing celebrities that one has never met, and b) I like much more to use ordinary people as examples.
  5. Where do you find videos of people of confirmed typings?
  6. Thank you so much Tallmo! I immediately see a vibe of my grandmother who I have been told I look like at times. Thinking about it, Rick seemed like he almost had a LII vibe, maybe due to the Ne with the Ti accentuation for normalizing. Lol it's hard to compare and see yourself in other people sometimes. Thank you though, this is helpful!
  7. Hi, I was thinking about any IEE Harmonizing I might know. This is a documentary about a Finnish artist. I've met her several years ago, and I typed her IEE - H. She definitely gives Harmonizing vibes. It is in Swedish but maybe just watching her can help. Her appearance is also a lot different than Rick's videos, he is more formal and "dry".
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