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  1. Nevermind lol.
    After reading your math-socio topic, I know what you would think if you knew more about me; the fact is that what you have done was EXTREMELY helpful, not only to my current type situation, but also to my understanding of socionics. The entire realm of the subject is much clearer when put in such a straightforward, logical manner (I concluded strongly with ENTj, if it isn't obvious).
    Thanks again,
  2. Hi, my name is Tom, and I think (or thought) that I am/was an ENTj, but I now am having doubts; I believe I am either becoming an ENFj, or I have always been one, and the tests I have taken are skewed, I answered incorrectly, etc. My friend, however, told me that I should look into 'smilexian' socionics, to perhaps help explain my current predicament. I also know that you are the author of such theory. Soooo, if I'm not being to forward, might you explain (in brief, at least) your theory to me/provide me with a useful link/try to explain my current situation as you see it? I have heard your work is interesting, as well as founded strongly; I am very interested to hear what you have to say, if you are willing to say it.
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